WeChat exercise: You don’t know how to make money makers so easy

It has long been in contact with WeChat sports. After opening, 25 points are pushed every day, participate in rankings, and then understand what is concerned about people.

Two months ago, WeChat applets about \”walking to make money\”, concentrated in the WeChat group. Through a period of contact, it is found that some public numbers are not reliable, or they become a \”advertising applet\”, which is the need for a gift to obtain a gift, and abandoned a slit.

Back to the theme, discrimination according to the degree of reliable level (according to the redeem of redeem, the user experience is ranked), some I have not used it, I can tell me if I have a message.

NO1. Run Bar Eastern Home

Jingdong’s small procedure for college students’ movement, held various offline activities, and there were communities in colleges and universities.

NO2. 一 微信运动:你不知道的走路赚钱小程序这么好用

Jingdong flag

NO3. There are many ways

微信运动:你不知道的走路赚钱小程序这么好用 Jingdong, there is no such excess function, pattern walking – send money.

NO4. Water drop Become

Water drop mutual help, good work work, but often there is no stock during exchange. 微信运动:你不知道的走路赚钱小程序这么好用

NO5. 优 乐乐

The giant network is now waiting for a long time, I don’t have inventory, I feel the quick turn, it is the first place.

微信运动:你不知道的走路赚钱小程序这么好用 NO6. Fun walking

How to say, millions of users rely on advertisers to exchange red envelopes to users, in short, more advertisements, but also conscript.

The associated SPC sports treasure, step number, etc. 微信运动:你不知道的走路赚钱小程序这么好用

Microverely, the same as Chengcheng Yulong’s play earning, belongs to the big company very reliable.

The last step by step donation of WeChat exercises will be a good way to offer love.


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