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Love Huahai Green Graphic Image New Material Production Line Project Completed Office Area Decoration, Zhongke Rui Jin Medical Titanium Alloy Material Production Project Dynamics … December 6, Weihai Ring A busy scene of the deep processing industrial park in Tsuihuang Bridge (Weihai). This is the microcosm of Weihai key project accelerated construction. As of the end of November, the 724 provinces and key projects determined by Weihai this year, accumulated the investment of 101 billion yuan, and completed 131.9% of the annual investment plan.

What is it, support the province, and the city’s key project has exceeded the task two months in advance?

\”Behind the focus of steadily advancement, it is not allowed to open the team of staff, and you will not leave the strong protection of all sectors.\” Responsible for Weiqiao (Weihai) aluminum fine processing industrial park operation Wang Qingyu, director of the Project Services Department of the State-owned Capital Operations Co., Ltd., Huancui District.

This year, Weihai is highly concerned about the development of advanced manufacturing development, investment promotion and project construction and feature protection, and puts the project in the top priority of development, and established a \”one game\” thinking, everything Wave the project to the project, all stare at the project, and promote the idea of \u200b\u200bthe problem and break the point.

130%!威海724个重点项目提前超额完成任务 Implementing the ideas into actions, the system mechanism is an important guarantee. From the beginning of the year, Weihai fully promoted the city project management service platform, the project code as the only \”ID card\” of the project, and established a \”one network management, a platform coordinated\” mechanism. At present, the project invested more than 5 million yuan in the city has all incorporated into platform management, integrated scheduling, integrated promotion.

Under the unified dispatch, the municipal major projects were broken down to 18 direct departments and units. In the city, the city has built the \”Municipal Government’s Leading + Industry Administration + Project Office\” City \”, the municipal level integrated scheduling, integrated promotion, set up a red yellow light warning prompt, through large data analysis Discover problems, light warning, weekly dispatch, and urge problems to quickly solve.

The factories such as land and funds are also accelerated under various departments. Weihai City Natural Resources and Planning Departments have introduced \”The City\” and does not have a land resource manual, providing \”direct election programs\” for project construction purposes; Weihai Local Financial Supervision Bureau combed various types of financial security information inside and outside the city, providing key projects Financing help … Weihai fully established \”elements supply and demand linkage\” mechanism, and strive to help the construction project to disregard the development of the worries.

Grab the key in people. Weihai determined 117 \”project specialists\”, and tightened to every link in front of the project construction, providing the package to the end, worry-free service, and pushing the project \”Accelerate Run\”.

The results are obvious: in Wendeng District, the Weihai Advanced Materials Research Institute has opened a month, the main beam of the steel structure between 4 works is completed, the factory framework is completed; the construction of 90 days, the project enters the end of the final . In high-tech zone, Furui robot smart equipment industrializationThe manufacturing project got six certificates on the same day, realizing \”landing of the land\”, and the current project construction is progressing smoothly.

Data show that the city has increased 5 million yuan or more projects in the city to reach 1764, an increase of 287 in the same period last year. In November, 447 new projects were added, and the total investment increased by 367.3% over the same period last year.

At the end of the year, while high quality and efficient promotion project construction, Weihai is working on the project planning of next year. \”We are working on projects that have been reported to the reserves to start planning, predecessor, land planning, energy-saving and environmental protection, etc. Fund arrangement, etc., fully consider the needs of key reserve projects, strive for projects to rise, start, fast construction, and quick effect. \”The relevant person in charge of the Weihai Development and Reform Commission said.

130%!威海724个重点项目提前超额完成任务 ■ Reporter’s Intention

\”A plate of chess\” planning, \”copying hands\” dry

\”a plate of chess\” planning, there must be an overall thinking, system thinking. In this year’s project promotion, the city has made up the determination of \”One Pointer inserted\”, forming the collective consensus of the city leaders \”take the lead in charge\”, various departments of all districts, and make full use of the city project management service platform, promote the project Building a \”whole process service\”, which has strongly promoted high quality development.

At present, there is still less than 1 month in the end of the year. While doing a sprint at the end of the closing stage, the city is actively planning next year’s city-level key project, forming \”horizontal to the department, vertical to the area) City \”and covers a list of 10 fields such as manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, urban construction, and promoted project construction for all districts and cities, all departments, and proposed higher requirements. All departments at all levels should take out the determination and perseverance of \”a blueprint\” to the end, \”copying hands\” to control, grasp the promotion, strengthen the coordination and cooperation of each link to ensure that the project advances seamlessly; continues with the problem-oriented, Precision discovery problem, timely research to solve problems, and have a steady growth in the actual results of project construction, and promote high quality development in the city. (Hi Weihai client reporter Zhang Meng correspondent Tan Tianyu / Wen Zhu Chunxiao / Figure partial picture is data map)

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