Welder has more than 500 yuan per day, and the technical institutions are also involved in welding students?

Speaking of welders, everyone should be less unfamiliar, and also know that the wages of welders are very considerable, and the technology-hard welders are not difficult to revenue daily. However, in the case where college students are very indispensable, the welders are actually inquiishing, and their income is also good. In this context, the source of the technical institutions recruiting welding majors is not sufficient, and everyone is not interested in learning welding. And the employer has a million yuan month salary, and it is difficult to recruit the qualified welder. What is the reason?


First, people’s living standards are improved, and they are not willing to work too hard. In the past, everyone’s life conditions are poor, everyone can suffer, don’t say that boys are willing to be welders, they are also soldiers who are welpr commerce. But with the improvement of living standards, the current children are not willing to work hard, don’t talk about the children in the city, that is, the children in the countryside can’t suffer. Even if the salary is high, the parents don’t want their children to suffer, so parents are reluctant to let their children go to the welding, and the child does not want to learn welding. Even if the welding professional employment is good, the income is also very high, and it is still difficult to ensure that sufficient life is enrolled.

Second, the working conditions of welders are relatively difficult. We know that the welders are basically working at high temperatures. If they are welded on the site, they may still work in the sea, in a sealed space job. Especially in the summer, we need to wear a wrapped oversight, wearing a protective gear such as a hat, and the high temperature that needs to be affected can be imagined, and a dress has always been a state of moisture. And there is still a certain risk for aerial operations, and in general, the work environment of welders is really hard. 焊工每天收入500元以上,为何技工院校也招不满学焊接的学员?

Third, the welding operation has a certain harm to the body. Chronic manganese poisoning, welding and wind immersion manganese alloys and industrial workers in manganese dioxide, hymented acid salts, and other manganese compounds are significantly solder inhalation of manganese ash daily. There is also a strong light, infrared, ultraviolet rays, etc., X-rays generated by the electron beams in welding, which will affect the health of the welders. Due to the high temperature, the metal welding portion, the electrode, dirt, paint, etc. are evaporated or combustible, and the smoke steam dust is formed, causing poisoning.

Fourth, the welder is relatively high. Some people may say that I didn’t specifically learn the welding operation, and I can also weld it. This is easier. Or I have learned a few days from the master, and it is basically welding operation. This is actually misunderstanding of welders, welders are a special type of work, must be certified, if unlicensed, it will be punished. 焊工每天收入500元以上,为何技工院校也招不满学焊接的学员?

Welders must not only have professional qualification certificates, but also have an operational certificate, so they can be taken. Vocational qualification certificates from low to high, primary work (five), intermediate workers (four), senior workers (level), technicians (second), senior technicians (level). Not only can operate skills, and there is corresponding theoretical knowledge, such as recognition capabilities, metal materials knowledge, welding process, etc.. For special equipment high-pressure pipelines, pressure vessels, etc., have corresponding special equipment operation certificates. There have been people to organize unlicensed welder construction natural gas pipelines. The results are all unqualified. After returning, the boss is dead.

Five, welder to eat youth, the status is not high. Because the welctor has a poor working environment, there is a certain damage to the body. It may have a problem that the hand is unstable, the eyes are not good, resulting in the quality of its welding. Therefore, the welder has reached a certain older meeting. If there is no ability to make it, it will not be able to find a difficult difficulties in the future.


At the same time, the social environment is not enough, even if the University graduates will take 2000 yuan a month, it is not willing to engage in the welder of the monthly salary, I feel that the welder is a worker, even if it is a high-tech Senior workers or technicians, the status of engineers cannot be more than. This is also a major reason why many parents prefer to make their children high, go to college without going to the technical institution.

焊工每天收入500元以上,为何技工院校也招不满学焊接的学员? How do you choose the Welder Works and Welder Works in Monthly Income and 3,000 yuan of monthly salary? What do you think is the reason why the qualified welder is lacking now? Welcome everyone to comment.

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