Well your family, just make money


A family is happy, more meaningful than winning the world.

Some people have said to Yang Wei: \”You are a scholar, one is a writer, it is a great achievement.\”

Yang Wei has a light reply: \”The writer is not a lot of achievements My biggest achievement is that I have a good home. \”

Review her life, there is an infinite scenery, and there is also a sudden displacement.

Whenever you, she will always put their families first.

Husband and daughter’s love and support have also become the biggest back shield in her life.

People to Middle age, your family is your most important career.

Operate home, is the best investment in the second half.

把你的家庭经营好,就是在赚钱 01

Good marriage 1 + 1 \u0026 gt; 2, bad marriage 1 + 1 \u0026 lt; 1.

Talking about the story of two couples.

The first pair, the husband graduated from Peking University, the wife is Wall Street elite.

The two men have aware that they will flash marriage, then join hands in business, and they have been listed.

The heart of each other is getting more and more far, noisy all day is noisy.

The wife sent a circle of friends, and publicly accused her husband to derail the derailment, and the family violence.

Husband, not only selling in front of the media, saying that his wife’s bad words, even hired people into her office to grab the official seal.

The wife took him to the police station.

The two people are divorced, divorced, fight for property, and every family family is boiling.

Their company, and therefore ushered in the trust crisis.

To say another pair, these two people are not in love.

Hard marriage is over for more than ten years, the husband’s career is a big bigger.

He is known for his stagnant, but he never said to his wife, his wife, and always understands and take care of her husband’s pressure.

If you return home every day, as long as the two people talk, more tired and annoying will throw to the sky.

Later, her husband owed 6 billion, as a guarantee, and his wife did not say it.

These debts are now basically clear, and the husband’s career has also ushered in the second spring.

Speaking here, everyone may know.

The first couple is Li Guoqing and Yu Yu, the second pair is Luo Yonghao and his wife.

Luo Yonghao also mentioned the same age people in their own business in an interview.

Some friends are not very good, and the latter career has also issued a problem.

Some people have earned some money, but they have a mess,The days are also very uncomfortable.

So he felt that he lived for a long life, and fortunately, it was not a mobile phone, but there was a good companion.

Just like Xue Zhaofeng, economist:

\”Marriage is a family business, signing a futures contract for life wholesale.\”

people have arrived at a certain age I have seen more contradictions and constantly, and those who have a vibrant.

Slowly discover, operate your marriage, is making money.

Give you a meal while overtime, it is saddened to give you shoulders. When you are sick, you are busy forward.

A partner of a hot knowledge is the best luxury in this life.

What big wind waves have been encountered, they can not leave, with each other.

No matter how hard it is hard, you can think about it, it is moving.

The husband and wife work together, the days are naturally, the better.


Educating a good child is the future of investing in the family.

I have heard a very real thing: \”Those lazy, it will be exchanged for you to double.\”

Many people always feel that now, now earn some money, will Little hard.

However, if the child is sorry, it is also futile.

In recent popular \”Small Minjia\”, there is a wonderful role of gold waves, and everyone will not work.

Hope with him, alcoholism, gambling, owed a ass, hard is thick, his skin is wrapped up.

把你的家庭经营好,就是在赚钱 Even the son of the fast college entrance examination will help yourself.

The reason why the slag is reliant, and it is a matter of course.

Why? Because his dad has passed the factory manager in the scene.

Not only has never been taught to Jinbo, but also arranges schools, work, and I can’t help him.

After the son grows up, slowly taking the parents’ old people, and scattered a good home, and wrapped himself.

A comment on the barrage attracts deep thoughts: \”A child of a operator is the future of the whole family.\”

Child is like a white paper, what is written on paper Depends on the parents.

In your education method, hiding his future, more than ten years later.

It is like two news you see.

A big man with a hands, forced the mother to help himself credit card in the street.

After being rejected, he actually kicked his own old mother punch.

把你的家庭经营好,就是在赚钱 The other news, the twin brothers are preserved for the famous school.

Because distressed mothers are not easy, they will help her with their work together to make money.

The brothers also said that they must work hard and help their parents improve their lives.

把你的家庭经营好,就是在赚钱 You see, education is actually an echo.

Everything you teach the child will become the way he treats the world, and eventually returns to you.

Just as the online popular calculation:

\”If a home wealth is 10 points, the child does not learn no, deduct 2 points, the child is old, then buckled, If he only understands the left road, maybe it will be full of light.

If he is educated to work hard to know gratitude, it will double 20, 40, 80. \”

Take the child education is the most advanced investment.

To the pedestrian, it is a blessing of his own half students; far away, is the happiness of the three generations.


Take your family, just make money.

Media people Liu Na, in the early years, the newspaper has hosted more than ten years of emotional columns.

For many years, she has witnessed a couple of love and economic biplings to bankruptcy because of the relationship between love.

Interviewed a family of messy numbers due to lack of family education for children.

After writing the people, it regrets, and cries.

There is also a child who is old at home, as well as his heart and helpless mother.

In an article, she had just emotion: \”The family’s competition is related to the end of the house,\”

The temperature of the family does not only affect a person’s happiness , More determined the height of TA life.

If family is always scattered, dismantling each other, and the rich family will also be defeated.

And those who have a daily and business will certainly become future wealth.

GenthouseCost Kris, 26 years old, and his wife K, marriage, didn’t take a father.

Because I thought my wife took the baby, he almost gave up all entertainment, and the idle time was used to help the baby.

Later, the boss was gone, and the old two was born. The family has passed the tightening, and he even fell over the stall.

In order to give his wife a better life, KRIS began to work hard and try to make money.

Let him move, no matter what you do, K is unconditionally to support him: \”What is afraid, nothing!\”

also took the assistant of his entrepreneurship.

Two sons, can always give hard to help him, bring the greatest happiness and comfort.

Slowly, Kris’s career is getting better, and the days in the family are getting better.

He often thought that when I first resigned from central enterprises: \”What should I do if I have a failure?\”

She laughed back: \”In any case, our family is It is the greatest happiness together. \”

Wang Xiaobo has said that people will find that the world has nothing to do after the middle age.

When you look more about the outside world, when you are working hard, the difficulty of life is exhausted, you will find:

Home, you are in this last life place.

The hug of the partner, the child, will resolve all the martyrdom of fate, be your ham, life buoy.

But if you leave you behind you …

A waves came, it was enough to destroy your career, and the days were difficult.

I agree with a sentence:

\”People have reached a certain age, truly determine your quality of life, in fact, family. \”

Any investment in this world is risky, and only invests in the family.

You give your child a smile, TA will give you a round of sun.

把你的家庭经营好,就是在赚钱 You give a companion a hug, TA will give you a whole spring.

Always remember: Operating your family, just making money.

Potted a praise, a family is happy, more meaningful than winning the world.

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