Westward Journey to the Westward Journey: How long does it take to spend a civilian player enough to spend two billion silver?Old player: One day

Hello everyone, here is iron egg!

The last phase tells how to spend 9 billion silver coins, in fact, it is said that it is 9 billion silver coins to visit the auction, and may encounter a situation: still 1 billion silver coins Buy an incorporated! What should I do in this case? It is inevitable to have 1 billion silver coins!


As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For civilian players, as long as we adhere to daily accounts every day, 1 billion silver coins will naturally do not speak! How long does a friend spent the fastest to make \”billion silver coins? I have no knowledge of this egg brother. You can take your progress or screenshots in the comment area!

Today, let the egg brother take a look at the fancy savings skills ~

Identification Tianzi

After listening to the sky, there is no food in the second half of this year, just see this Tarrel …

Identification Tianzui is a relatively common way to make money in the \”Westward Journey\”. The game in the game is divided into three types of play, collection, and no price, but only if there is no price to sell money. For the Empress, the luck can earn a month-opening and identification Tianzipeta. 大话西游手游:平民玩家攒够十亿银两要花多久?老玩家:一天

There is a face of the egg brother, it is already a peak of life.

grasp the robber 大话西游手游:平民玩家攒够十亿银两要花多久?老玩家:一天 gang robbers – Europe The road to the emperor!

In the gang robber play, through the killing robber can not only get a lot of experience and help, but also a chance to see this high-grade props!

While everyone can only get two rewards in a robber, if they are all in the middle of the record, the money is not fast?


For the players of the brain, low-buying and selling is to earn money!

The most common items of stocks are not skill books and twisted. Under normal circumstances, these two props belong to the most protected value. For example, in the newly opened service, the previous investment in some skill books, after the first echelon’s level, the first-line player has a demand for skill books. Selling, you can earn money! 大话西游手游:平民玩家攒够十亿银两要花多久?老玩家:一天

There are also many other props, like a color change Dan, gram fire, thousands of blades, ultimate residue, etc., all of which are good choices, but this The general cycle is relatively long!


Catch the colorful baby

Strong is not strong is a moment, but it is good for a lifetime!

大话西游手游:平民玩家攒够十亿银两要花多久?老玩家:一天 Although the color change summoned beast has no advantage, but many big calls are still a colorful baby. GraspAfter the colorful baby, you can take the baby to the treasure to the treasure, you can take the baby! However, the overall cycle is longer, and it is relatively opposite!

Duobao Pavilion

For Tuha Hao players, Duobao resorts undoubtedly the most important way to money! Of course, the excavation of the Empress is an exception ~

In Duobao Pavilion, there is almost necessary for most players every week. The existence of buying, 120 Xianyu changed 6 million silver two how to think about it. 大话西游手游:平民玩家攒够十亿银两要花多久?老玩家:一天

Other props, such as Jin Liulu, Nine-color Yunlong Ball, see the songs, and buy out, it is also a good choice for money, after all, buy silver, two More! The first two are generally a group for sale in the auction house. If the price is reasonable, it is basically no need to worry too much. Seeing the number of people is more demand, I don’t worry about it! 大话西游手游:平民玩家攒够十亿银两要花多久?老玩家:一天

The above is to have more money-saving thinking, of course, there is more money in the game, I believe that all friends have their own small Tips! Not much to say, there is no money to make together ~

Welcome to share your money thinking in the review area, let’s see it!

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