What are the platforms for short video from the media?

With the popularity of self-media, more and more short video creators have poured into, after entering, there is a problem, which platform has income, which platform is higher.

Many people only focus on a platform, think so, but a result is that the benefits are too small, or there is no income, so I gave up, and people have seen it very unfortunately. There are a lot of short video platforms, and there are 12 generally have more than 12 income. We only need to create a video, you can distribute it to 12 platforms, which is equivalent to a 12 baskets, even if each platform only earns 10 yuan, 12 platforms can also earn 120, this also enough.

Which 12 platforms have you been? Let’s list it by one:

1. Today’s headline

This is not to say, now let the headlines are popular, essentially 80% from the media people today Headline, this is also explaining that today’s head can make money, so after creating a video, it can be released.


2. Baidu Hundreds

Baidu Hundred Family ID can also release video, and its unit price is also relatively high, So people playing more.

3. Big fish 短视频自媒体有收益的平台有哪些?

There are two ways to make money in big fish, one is to see advertising to make money. The other is that it can be made in inserting the goods in the video to make money. According to different stars, the amount of money is different.

4. Penguin number

Penguin number because of the back to Tencent, so traffic entry is more, the channels showing are also relatively wide. It is also good to relatively spend the benefits.


5. What is the information of this number? Although there is a revenue, I haven’t seen anyone who hasn’t seen anything is too many months. Therefore, it can be seen that its income point is not particularly high, but the grasshopper is also meat, there is no strong than strong.


NetEase number just started to have no benefit, after a star, start calculating the income, as long as High broadcast, the revenue is still good.

7. Sina points

Sina has a bonus incentive, just reach 4 stars and you can get bonuses Incentive, the amount is a few hundred to several thousand, as long as it is still watching the amount of play and star. 短视频自媒体有收益的平台有哪些?

8. Sohu video

Sohu self-media platform can only release articles, but Sohu video can watch videos, for quality videos, support is quite big.


9. Seconds

Seconds and beautiful shoots should be our more familiar short video platform, when we shoot After the video, you can also upload to the second shot.

10. Express number

短视频自媒体有收益的平台有哪些? The express number is 360, the background can upload a video and article, but now The recommended amount is very large, that is, the amount of playback is not large, should be a relationship with the selection, find fans like the field, and the playback should also be.

11. Fun head bar

Fun head strip belongs to a platform in these few more than a small one, because it mainly faces The group is a three-four line group, which is mainly interested in emotions and interests. The content of content will be relatively high, and the benefits will be more.


12. IQiyi

iQiyi also has its own self-media platform, but also has income, but currently recommended Not very high, if you can open the education channel, you can make money from education.


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