What birds earn money in 2017 (what bird breeding is full of money)

I like birds from small. I suddenly saw some kinds of birds on the Internet, and I cage can breed, and I will hurt the birds. None of the time and opportunity to pick up this hobby again


in the cage In the case, there are many pet birds that can breed, where I like the \”Tenth Sisters\” and \”Pearl Bird\” in the least body type. These two birds are particularly small, and the pearls are beautiful than the former, and there are two birds that are mostly feeding and breeding in the cage bird.

The food is simple to take the shell millet, and more than ten pieces of a treasure is enough for a few months. Then put it on water is so simple, this is the most crude feeding method. If you carefully breed, you will have egg yolk millet, eggshell, vegetable leaves, health care, etc.


Ordinary black and white flower tenisters

Then the focus is reproduction. Tenth teen and pearl breeding are very easy, even ten teenas can also hug other similar breeds of young birds. As long as you choose to choose the public and mother, put a honey or just a courier box, go to the wild, pick up the grass in the cage, it will raise the flip. If there is no condition, put the block pad. Maybe it doesn’t dare to remove the nest, but how long it will take yourself.

Pearl Bird 关于养鸟趣事,笼养都可以下蛋的鸟

Then it is still waiting for it. In fact, there is no need to bother it too much in the early stage, waiting for a certain day if one is not very much, that is, the egg, usually there will be four to six eggs. In the case of half a month, I started to have a shell. In fact, I don’t have to use multiple tubes.

Top Sisters Cub


关于养鸟趣事,笼养都可以下蛋的鸟 Then the birds feeding a month At the beginning, you will have a nest, and the ten sisters are more than the pearl. Waiting it yourself can eat it. The nest should be timely, because the mother bird will soon be eggs, and the propagation machine name is actually.




This process is very interesting. It can be intuitive to see the birds from the lower egg to the feeding to the young bird independent. What I am talking is the simplest introduction. I personally feel that the birds are like a chicken duck, there is no need to pursue a high-order position, which will taste. If there is a chance to pay again, I will share the feeding method and record the feeding process, and friends who like friends don’t miss.


In normal life, a little hobbies are not tired, so there is a look! # 我 要 上 头 # # 养 鸟 #

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