What can rural grow?What is the prospect of rural planting?

Nowadays, in rural areas, it has become a focus on many people concerned, because the rural areas have broad land, developing cultivation and breeding are relatively suitable, but many people don’t want to invest, but I don’t know how to find it. s project. What are the current growing in rural areas? What is the prospect of rural planting?


What can rural planting can make money?

1. Vegetable planting

Now planting organic vegetables is still very profitable, because now people’s living standards are getting better and better, the higher the requirements of ingredients, and the price of organic vegetables It is much more expensive than ordinary vegetables, but it is still very popular. It can be seen that it can make money, and it is possible to make money, and planting organic vegetables belongs to a low-cost high-yield project, with small investment risk, and vegetables As a must, the sales are basically not worried, the change rate is very high.

2, Flower Plant

To say what the flower market is most popular, the rose can be said to be that the roses are not allowed to survey the rose is the largest floral variety. Now people have a happy event in the family or a gift of a gift, and now the young people also like to buy roses to give their own companions, and the sales are also very good.

3, fruit trees cultivation

农村种植哪些能赚钱?农村种植什么前景好? With the improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, the demand for fruits is constantly increasing, so select fruit trees Planting a project is a very good choice.

Domestic gold and silver flower’s best variety non-tree four seasons honeysuckle seedlings, this variety is easy to manage, easy to harvest, high yield, long life, etc. Under the management, the gold and silver flowers per mu are more than 200 kilograms, and the annual income is very visible.

What is the prospect of rural planting?

农村种植哪些能赚钱?农村种植什么前景好? 1. Special corn

Special corn has a high economy, specialty planting nutritional and processing value, with a wide range of special corn to achieve a larger value, value added The beauty of corn is called.

2, chrysanthemum planting

Chrysanthemum has stiff wind, clear heat, eyesight, detoxification, etc. For tea, it can be used for medicinal.

3, osmanthus planting

The osmanthus tree is a four-season evergreen flower plant, whenever it blooms season, Chen Xiang fen, it is a refreshing, and the osmanthus tree Deeply loved by consumers, osmanthus also is also listed as a traditional Chinese traditional flower, and osmanthus can also be used to make wine, and there is a beauty and beauty, so planting osmanthus trees or prospects is very considerable.

4, flowerPepper planting

pepper heat resistant cold, anti-disease is harmful, growing in planting, high economic efficiency, and increased production and output increases with pepper planting age, planting, multiple harvesting multiple times.

5, wild vegetables planting

can invest in green wild vegetables such as asparagus, artemisia, Malands, and arbor, have advantages such as small investment, fast effective, low market, low technical content, and theseAdapt to the needs of urban consumption, in line with the country’s basketball team.

The above planting project has a large prospect, the economic benefits are considerable, and friends who want to start business should not miss it!\”Link\”

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