What can the old man do to make money at home (the old man works in the family)

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Taking the flow of flowers to be kind to yourself to play the value, you can save money in your old years, but don’t save over.


If you are in good health, when you are cleared, deposits and pensions must be kept by themselves. Don’t give deposits and pensions to children, because the elderly’s money will become a child’s money, how much will she leave how much money to children, but the child’s money will not become the money of the elderly.

If you save all the money in order to save trouble or for the trust of children, it is very likely that the children will spend money and will make their hands and will make children lose their power. Not only do not only don’t have much benefits to children, but there will be many harm to you. If you or you need to use a money with the old companion, you will experience what is called in the bag, although the money is in the child, the name is still It is your money, but it is no longer listening to you. How easy is the money to give it out, how difficult is to come back, how painful is there. Even if you are filial, there will be a lot of people who don’t help themselves. The children have faced their own small houses, they have to lose their minds, and humanity cannot afford to use money to test.

Second, if your body has never lost self-care ability, the leg foot is no longer convenient, although you are inconvenient, your mind is still awake. You’d better prepare two cards, hold a card in your hand to save big money, can be used to save life and can be used emergency; another card can save some xero flowers, and hand it over to children, let the children buy thing. And the passwords of the two cards have to tell the children, even if they suddenly sleep, children can take the money smoothly. 老年人的存款和退休金放在哪里最好?过来人告诉你3种做法 The situation of the affairing is to avoid not filial children, the more you go to your later years, the more crucial, you need to stabilize your mindset and your sorrow, you should not give up, good mentality will promote you recovery Health will help you prolong life.

Third, if you lose your self-care, memory has become more and more fell. Even if you need to take a large amount of money, you have to get filial piety, wait until you return money to recover your own hand, the premise is that you have to open the SMS notification in time, no matter how much children take Money is still there much in the card.

It is not to trust children, but the memory has fallen, and it will be believed in it. Only when you can take the card and the money in the card, you will be assigned to your child. Don’t be troublesome, since the child is also a person, it is necessary to practice the heart of the anti-human, the deposit, and the pension are your life-saving straw, in caseIt is now flashing, and the children are really troubles if they don’t care.

老年人的存款和退休金放在哪里最好?过来人告诉你3种做法 Conclusion: Money is more than affection more than family, so you can’t figure out your life.

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