What do you do after get off work?

Some of the sub-industries that can be done will be sorted out, see if there is any

1, grab the Maotai

or put the governing platform first, this does not need to spend too much Time can have 2000+ profits per month, I am a combination of offline and online. Offline is mainly in China Run and Baida and other supermarkets. Online is mainstream platform, such as Tmall, Xiaomi, NetEase, Suning, etc. I still have a trumpet every day, although it is increasingly difficult to grab but As long as you persist or grab it, I have grabbed 4 bottles this month. There are two bottles of the online supermarket. At present, a bottle of 900 profits, 4 bottles of more than 3,000 yuan, light this one, 3000 [ 123]

2, lazy people listen to books to earn money

lazy listening books, if they insist on, it can be done in 200 or more every day. Specific steps first download and open the lazy listening app, go in and find the book number and enter the book number according to the prompt computer, then find the audio information, fill in the contents of your audio information, then find your right good at the audio lobby. The audition is OK, and finally is waiting for the review. If the audit is passed, there is a book belongs to you. Just submit audio every day, it takes a few days a day in the previous period, and there is still no one [123

3, self-media headline question and answer

Headquarters still can work part-time jobs that can be stable and profitable, and now as long as Baishi can open the question and answer income, as long as you can stabilize more than 3 hot questions every day, one day Ten is still very simple. If you choose to mention, there will be more, and the question and answer is that the traffic will always be, as long as this problem, some people have money. If you choose the title, you can choose more, reader, or you write more, you can pay attention to those question and answer people. He replied what you replied, and chooses the question and answer that is discussion topic. More, the big God who can adhere to the God is normal for a few hundred days, although we can’t do so much but according to the way I said! A few days or more simple

4, game class

can be practiced, or moving bricks, you can do it skillfully, have time to open a few numbers in the game Moving brick selling equipment, I have played a game called Tianlong Babu, and I will take a few hours in the evening of the brick, I can earn it, just sell equipment and then transaction, no longer open a live broadcast, as long as you insist You can

5, fostered or snacks

Don’t look at those who push the car to sell snacks, if the place is good, the sold things are welcome, it is much higher than the white-collar workers, our community There is a selling cake in the door of the supermarket. It is the kind of various stuffing inside. There are dozens of people to buy, 3 hours a night, they will know, and sellAll kinds of snacks are not bad, as long as you taste, you will don’t think about the receipt

6, the driving or special delivery

can register a driver or special delivery, Now there is a city driving, you can want to be hot, running for 4 hours in the evening, 150 yuan or more

7, skill class

You want to design Or programming, anyway, this kind of technical class can be released online, can be received online, it is earning money, anyway, it can try

There are still many more Leisure fish, appreciate the task, even in KFC McDonald’s part-time, a bit of this money to buy a point, although the fund is much loss, but I still have more than 10 points every year, and I have a few hundred per month. , These just tell you that you can do, the most important thing to have the difference between the difference, I think about this, you will find some things that can be part-time

shake, it is to open the shake after work Look at others live broadcast, don’t use my own live broadcast, because there is no one in the pre-emergence of many anchors, they will ask us to do part-time people to go to her live broadcast, although 3 pieces of money in an hour but Not tired, I usually use 3 numbers to look at it and pull it up with my husband. One is 4 digits. I have been watching for two hours. I can buy a pound of pork

8. Make WeChat public Make money;

This is a part-time job I have been in persistence, I have two public numbers, one is to do health science, the other is to grow inspirational class. Some time I had written a \”part-time written public number for two years of harvest\” articles, my income is almost from the public number of health science.

People who do their own media know that the WeChat public account is a relatively closed loop. If you don’t go to other platforms, it is hard to rise. The positioning of the number is relatively accurate. In addition to knowing the text, hardly drainage, many fans are the search public name Follow me.

Because it is part-time, there is not much time to take care, just insist on the day every day. Last year I rely on the public to advice and traffic owners have a total of more than 10,000 benefits.

Of course, this is a difference in gains in the same level. It is almost three or 40,000 yields in the year. I have seen that the personal owner is a little better, there is more than a thousand in the advertising income, telling the truth, and envy.

9, do knowing how to operate, suitable for people with certain professional knowledge;

Why do you want to know? Because users in the years have become more active, users are growing annually, many of this is young, college students, after 90, 00, etc., their feature is strong, and the usage cycle is also relatively long.

It is very good to make a lot of profitable space.When you have enough fans and traffic, you can try \”knowing the good object\” to earn commissions.

If you have some expertise, you can do it.

10, writing heads from the media to make money, very suitable for new hands;

The traffic of the headline is very large, relative to other platforms, the support of novices is also very large. At the headline, the completion of the zero fans can be achieved. As long as you have perseverance to adhere to the original in a certain field, the rise in powder and the speed is very fast.

I saw a part-time author in the headline, high school education, almost one or two thousand daily. Her articles are not written very well, just share their own growth stories, but she can have three or four thousands of revenue for one month.

So, if you can write a article, or you can make a headline to make money. Remember to pass or send a video, you have to check the original to make a revenue.

11, micro-commercial, suitable for Bao Ma;

My sister is a mother of two children, has done a micro-commercial, before she is doing a soap, washing face. Usually, we will send a circle of friends. Someone can buy it, you can make money. Take the price of 340, sell more than one hundred boxes. Sell \u200b\u200ba box, you can have eight ninety profits.

12, live band;

Many platforms can live goods, such as hanging, fast hands, etc. Like the public, there is a fan to achieve greater extent. For example, like some stars, net red, a few hours live broadcast can bring millions or even thousands of people, which can be seen that the live profit space is much.

It is definitely not so good relative to ordinary people, but it is still possible to earn some small money. For example, the trend is still good, there is someone to reward the income. If the goods can be taken.

13. Promoting the APP;

It is also very good to promote the early stage of various APPs. In the past, a friend promoted a \”zero purchase official website\” app, the early stage is a variety of pull people pay attention to them. The public number.

If someone bought something inside, the recommended person will be commission. Friends have earned more than 10,000, the early stage is to pay attention, there will be benefits for others to buy things, which is equivalent to \”post-sleep\”

So in China, there is a cultural can write painting [123 ]

Nothing to make a driver, hand-made

good boy, doing fitness coaches,

beautiful girl, doing live fitness courses.

With its own advantages, it can always be suitable for yourself.

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