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At the end of Dongguan City, the 15th Party Congress came up from the 15th Party Congress: 2021 Dongguan GDP preliminary expectation to break through the trillion yuan mark; five years new resident population exceeded 2.20 million, Dongguan officially stepped into thousands of people ‘s rows.

After Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan will become the 4th trillion GDP city in Guangdong.

As a member of the Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle, Dongguan became the city of \”Double 10,000\” (a city with trillions of GDP and millions), will force Shenzhen City Circle level improvement.

With Shenzhen, Dongguan’s \”Double 10,000\” City, the development of Shenzhen Metropolitan Circles has this greater imagination space.


In Guangdong Province, Shenzhen About the future plan, can always see the figure of Shenzhen City Circle.

Guangdong Provincial Fourteen Five-Year Plan and In the Outline of Yuanjing Target Outlet, it is necessary to build a modern urban circle system. It is clear that Shenzhen City Circle includes Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, and Heyuan, Shanwei and other two cities. Some of the district, demands to give full play to the development of Shenzhen core cities to further expand the development space of Shenzhen, promote the development of deep people, promote Heyuan, Shanwei actively undertake the core urban function, industrial resources, social service extension, create global influence Internationalization, modern, innovative urban circles.

Shenzhen \”14th Five-Year Plan\” and the 2035 long-term target program should be prepared to implement Shenzhen Metropolitan Development Planning, forming a central lead, intersection, shaft support, circle layer The linkage of the linkage, coordinating the construction of the city circle infrastructure, encrypts the city circle transportation network, and constructs half an hourly traffic circle with the surrounding city.

Picture from \”Shenzhen Homeland Space Master Plan (2020-2035)\” (draft)

深政观察 | 又有一城GDP过万亿!深圳都市圈发展能级再提升 Small politicism noted that a series of plans in various fields in the province, Shenzhen Urban circle is included in the range.

As \”Guangdong Province’s new urbanization plan (2021-2035)\” proposed, \”Doing excellent Shenzhen City Circle\”, measures include:

Give full play to the high end of the East Coast of Pearl River Entrance The basic and supporting advantages of electronic information industry, promoting the deep cooperation in the industry chain, jointly constructs high-end electronic information – oriented technology.

Accelerating the linkage development of Guangming Science City, Songshan Lake Science City, and promoted the construction of the comprehensive national science center of the Daxia District.

The innovation of marine technology is leaded, and cooperates to develop a modern marine industry.

Wipite deep Wanhui rail transit network, speeding up the construction of Heyuan, Shanwei high-speed railway, explores the management of urban railway traffic integration operations.

Shenzhen Airport is the main hub, linking Huizhou Pingtan Airport, establishing a co-linkage international aviation hub.

Optimize the port group function layout and promote the coordinated development of the urban circle.

Planning to build water safety protection promotion projects in Dongjiang River Basin, Water Supply Project of Shenzhen Cooperative District and Shenzhen Xinfengjiang Reservoir Water Supply Project, Enhanced City Circle Water Supply Safety Security Ability.

In the cross-border region, basic education joint school pilot, Shenguan, and deeply explored a total of nine years, consistent schools and shared the degree.

Exploring the use of various social insurance across regions, and the first cross-interface area is the first to carry out social security.

Improve the environmental protection mechanism of the city of Dongjiang coast, implementing the total amount of pollutant emissions in Dongjiang pollutant emissions, the co-protection of Dongjiang water quality is excellent.

China Urban Planning and Design Institute’s \”Shenzhen City Circle Endata 2021 Report\” believes that the integration development situation in Shenzhen City circle is obvious.

深政观察 | 又有一城GDP过万亿!深圳都市圈发展能级再提升

In Shenzhen, \”14th Five-Year Plan\”, Shenzhen City Circle is the mainstay of Shenzhen Hui Datu City, with a special cooperation area, Shanwei Urban Area, Heyuan Urban Area For the subtype.

Xiao government noted that the initiative to integrate into the development of Shenzhen, have become a common choice for cities in the city circle.

The 15th Party Congress of Dongguan City put forward that Nine Town in the south of Dongguan should lead to development, leading the development, and build a model of deep integration of deep-to-depth development. After five years, the total GDP will account for 40% of the city. In the city, it is an important growth.

In 2021, Huizhou City Government Work Report 5 times mentioned Shenzhen, indicating that it is necessary to actively integrate into the city of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District, and deepen the city cooperation with Hong Kong and Macau Guangshen. On April 30 last year, \”Huizhou grabbed the\” double district \”to build major opportunities, and the depth integration into the Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle (2021-2023)\” officially released, which is the first specialized in Huizhou City Focus on the scheme of the Shenzhen City Circle, which blews the active integration of the integration of the city circle.

Heyuan City’s eighth party discipline report, we must adhere to the \”Wan District, Shenzhen,\”, \” \”The\” intangible hand \”of the hand and the market, accelerate the whole world\” Great Bay \”\” integration \”, form a synergistic development pattern of the same integration, measures, the integration, and the intensive and win-win situation.

\”Shanwei City, the national planning (2020-2035)\” (draft) can also see the relevant content of Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle: Shanwei will grab a major strategic opportunity such as Shenzhen City Circle, and play coastal economy With strategic fulcrum, it is barted in the south of Dongcheng.


\”Urban Circle on Track\” is one of the power points of Shenzhen capital circle construction, this is formed by railway, intercity, subway, modern orbit Transportation network, allThe five cities within the city are getting closer and closer.

On December 10, last year, the deep high-speed railway is officially opened to traffic. The route passes through the rivers, Huizhou, Dongguan and other places. Heyuan is only 40 minutes from the shortest brigade of Shenzhen, Huizhou to Shenzhen shortest brigade Just about 30 minutes, from Dongguan South Railway Station to Shenzhen North Railway Station for about 20 minutes.

Further, according to the construction plan of the Guangdong-Hong Kong, Macau Bay area, Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle plans to start construction of 10 projects in construction of intercity railways, including: deep-hout-sea bonded area, deep Huicheng Xiang Pingdi to Zhongxiu West Section, Shenzhen, Zhongxuanxi to Huicheng, Shenzhen Airport In the front sea to Huanggang Port, Tangxia to Longgang City, Changping to Longhua Intercity, Wan Huicheng Xiaoli to Huizhou North Section.

深政观察 | 又有一城GDP过万亿!深圳都市圈发展能级再提升 At present, the front section of Yansong Shencheng is under construction. After the project is completed, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen western region and Shenzhen Central City and the important casing are rapidly open. The deep-shaving intercity railway is also accelerating, which is an intercity railway that constructs a 1 hour traffic circle and a half-hour commuter circle between Shenzhen and the city.

\”Shenzhen City Circle on Track\” is coming out.

(original title \”has a city GDP over trillion! Shenzhen Metropolitan Circle Development Class Rehabilitation\”)

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