What is better to make money in Guangzhou (what is good to make money in Guangzhou?


Hello everyone, I am a part-time distributor takeaway from Tianhe Baozhu. In Guangzhou Tianhe District, the morning and evening peaks go out to send takeaway, there is no time to send it on the weekend, and there is another time. It is also because of lack of money to choose such a risk and simply part-time job.


Send a device that must be configured, the smartphone is about 2,000 yuan, the phone card is 100 yuan per month. One of the purchases of electric vehicles, usually 48-72V, 60-electric battery can run 8 hours without charging. The cost is about 4,500 yuan. A set of dining boxes 150 yuan, health certificate 150 yuan. Didn’t start running, you must first invest probably: 7,000 yuan, so much money goes. Thinking of these money will soon make it back, but the reality is not so good you think, listen to me slowly.

我悄悄告诉你们跑外卖的月收入真实情况,你还会选择进来吗? Don’t listen to the online mess, what month is over 10,000, it is the first few people who send it, most people go out to run 8 hours a day. The average is also about 45,000 yuan. This income deducts rent, eats money, and social security. There is no left, and it is necessary to overdraw money. Guarantee is not sick, there is no home to raise, barely survive. Real experience knows.

Familiar with merchants and customers in the first month, do not dare to pick up more. It is a two-oriented running month, and it is 3,000 yuan. The wind is blown every day. The second month is slightly smooth, and every day, I will go out of the midnual peak, and the income is basically 4,000 yuan. This is going to run every day. The average is about 30-40 yuan per hour. Every three months is basically about 4,000 yuan. Three months have just earned all kinds of equipment costs. It is also necessary to ensure that there is no traffic accident, and the vehicle is repaired. So the young people who have not entered the pit don’t come in. This is still hard to live, and there is no sustainable benefit. If you really try again, there is no future. Just find a two-five-five months work. 我悄悄告诉你们跑外卖的月收入真实情况,你还会选择进来吗?

Every day, I saw a lot of takeauses that wear work clothes in the road, and a lot of time was wasted in white. Occasionally, you can get a job, like me, but it is not a long time. Novice is easy to pay for money, because often timeout, not familiar with truth, customers don’t understand complaints, etc. It is basically useless to find a platform customer service. I want to come in and send out the sale. I have to take care of it. If you expect to take a lot of money to make money, you will make you more increasing. wasting your time. The above is my personal experience, I want to say to everyone, see if I am right? Welcome your wonderful message, praise!

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