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At the end of the year, I went home for the New Year, but I was not beautiful by the seven gods. Recently, Xiaobian’s friends are very troubles. The reason is that she talks about the boyfriend of the construction worker on the site, and the family is not agreeing. The friend who is a small series is very firm, but now listening to the family’s seven-tongue analysis and cons. After that, I also started.

So she asked Xiaobian, the construction of the construction site was worth married? All say that the construction site is a special slag, is it true?


都说工地男特别“渣”,到底是真的吗?工地男值得嫁吗 The picture comes from the network

Why do you say this? There are several reasons:

1, it is still a person’s life after marriage

This is to marry the unavoidable problem for the construction site, saying that it affects the feelings in different places, but if your husband is the site Men, that can only endure. Because they need to stay at the construction site for a long time, I will go home for a few weeks. Sometimes I am busy going back in one or two months. What should I do?

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Some family wife will follow the husband, the husband is changed, the wife will change, in order to take care of her husband’s life, You can meet often, you have to follow the River West. But this is not a long time, what do you do? I can’t keep my child, so slowly, it will form a husband’s long-term work, and my wife takes care of the family at home.

都说工地男特别“渣”,到底是真的吗?工地男值得嫁吗 The picture comes from the network

2, the family can’t support

This can think of people working on the site, home conditions will not Very good, after getting married, I have to fight hard, my parents can’t give any economic support.

Good family parents can still work, don’t have to support their sons, and some family parents are old. If there is no retirement, I will point to my son to earn money, so, after marriage, husband and wife The two pressures are too big.

都说工地男特别“渣”,到底是真的吗?工地男值得嫁吗 The picture comes from the network

3, the work of the construction site is too unstable

This problem is very real, but she has to consider, although it sounds on the work It sounds very good, but this industry is too high, it can’t make money. Compared to stable work such as those career, national units, the construction site is indeed not a good choice.

都说工地男特别“渣”,到底是真的吗?工地男值得嫁吗 The picture comes from the network

To say this, Xiaobian analyzed the three reasons for the construction of the construction of the construction site, but Xiao Edo said: We are choosing a marriage object. At the time, my parents ‘opinions, friends’ opinions are important, but the days are their own, the mostI still have to look at my thoughts.If you think he is good enough, enough to go, enough, why not give him some time and opportunities, after all, happiness is to create, it is necessary to work together.

What about everyone?Do you think that the construction site is worth married?

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