What is the most money for going abroad? (How to make money from the labor dispatch company)

Two years ago, there was a friend to my office to tell me: Hu Jie, do you want to open the human resources labor dispatch company? . I said: I don’t understand this industry, I don’t know how to operate. My friend told me that he did this for many years, but it has been working in other human resources labor dispatch companies. Because the wages given by the boss are also very small, they don’t want to give him the boss. He wants to come out, but he is not enough to work with me.


The friend probably gave me a process of opening the human resources labor dispatch company, how much cost is spent, how to make the company profit.

Open human resources labor dispatch company needs to have the following conditions;

Rent a pavement of 30 ~ 200 square or more area – Registered Human Resources Service Send Company Qualification Certificate – Office License – Hiring some of the staff of the company’s main post – negotiate cooperation factory – recruit workers – delivery workers go to work.

Company profits, workers work in factory every hour of profit at least two dollars ~ more than a dozen dollars Wait, the general worker works around ten hours a day, a month working time is 300 hours, we count the profit of 2 dollars, a worker can earn 600 yuan, and then buckle the body prosecution 50 yuan ~ 65 dollars, insurance premiums 50 yuan, water electricity costs 90 yuan, a worker works a month company minimum can earn 800 yuan, if the company has 100 workers to do one month, the company has 80,000 yuan income, If the company has 1,000 workers do one month, the company has 80,000 yuan of income. This is also the income of the minimum 2 yuan, if the profit is 5 yuan or ten dollars, you say that this business is profitable! ! ! 开人力资源劳务派遣公司是如何赚取暴利的

I listened to my friends to say that the blood is boiling, pick up the car key and mobile phone, and go to the face with my friends.

We opened the car to visit the town center, and opened the car to take a circle in all industrial parks in the town. In the end, we chose the company’s position in the junction of the two industrial parks. On a street, both sides of the street are rental houses, all of which are all plants, and our rental shop is a four-story building, about 100 square meters per layer, because in industrial parks, rent is very cheap 400 square papers As long as 6,000 money is to find a landlord direct rent, there is no transfer fee, and one rent is only 12,000 yuan.


We use the first floor to work in the artificial recruitment room and the place where workers and placed baggage, the second floor is financial room, business negotiation office, three The building is the network and factory explanation room.The fourth floor is a conference room and a restaurant.

We found a professional certificate company to help us manage the human resources and labor dispatch qualification certificate 28000 yuan + business license 1000 yuan. A total of 29,000 yuan will be spent.

开人力资源劳务派遣公司是如何赚取暴利的 Company decoration + signboard spent 63,000 yuan. Buy a desk chair, computer, printer, projector, surveillance camera, office supplies 86000 dollars.

Our Human Resources Labor Dispatch Co., Ltd. is open from renting a house to starting, a total of 190,000 yuan, but also prepared a spare fund turnover.

The spare fund is also prepared according to the size of your company, and the employee is prepared from tens of thousands of yuan ~ tens of thousands Money ~ Millions of money is not equal.

My friend is very experienced, and the interpersonal relationship is also very wide. He pulled a group of labor dispatch companies to make a recruitment flyer and caller. He also took me to a lot of labor dispatch companies to discuss cooperation, and I also took me to the Personnel Department of many factories to discuss cooperation. 开人力资源劳务派遣公司是如何赚取暴利的

After the company opened, our net-stricken department and store direct recruitment business are very good, and 28 workers in the first day. However, our company has just opened yet, and these people have sent labor dispatch companies that have signed contracts with the factory. They give us a worker’s two dollars of profits. Just run for half a month! One day, I had a friend asked me to eat Japanese cuisine, saying that her husband came back from Taiwan, I should go to the Japanese cuisine store, and the friends who gave me the two sons. I gave them to them. I have gave them to them. Sitting, sit down and chat, her husband asked me: peach, I haven’t seen you for a long time, what are you busy with recently? . I have given them: I have recently opened a human resources labor dispatch company. Her husband listens to me in this business, and immediately told me: He has a large-scale electronics factory in Longhua in Longhua. The general manager, the first few days they were still drinking wine, but also said that the work of the Personnel Department did not work well, couldn’t recruited workers, I was excited, I said to him: Zhang, you will help me. Contact him, help me ask if they don’t want workers? As long as the price is suitable, how many workers need me to deliver the factory. Her husband called his old town in his face, and probably told our company in the phone. His fellow agreed in the phone, saying that he can cooperate with our company. He called me to worship. Resource services dispatching qualifications and business licenses, the company’s official seal goes to his office to talk to the specific cooperation program, if you can sign the contract.

Food, I have a partner with my partner.The business license, the business license, and the official seal will drive to Longhua to find him, he is surnamed Li, I called him Li. Our company is 23 kilometers away from Longhua. I have been in their factory for more than 40 minutes. He waits for us at the factory. He greeted the door to greeted us to enter the factory. I stopped the car and followed him to him. The office, his office is very big, one is a 1.5 tea station, the tea station is surrounded by five chairs, there is a big class of two meters, a office chair, behind it is a large file cabinet, Li total Entertains us to drink tea in the tea table. He bubbles a pot of Tieguanyin to drink us. While drinking tea, I will talk about the labor of their factory, I also give Li always explain our company’s recruitment strength, let’s talk For a while, Li Tong took a contract to us two in the file cabinet and said what to modify. I can negotiate, I have seen the contractual accommodation with my partner. Especially the wage, the month, the end of the month, the second month of the second month can settle the wages of the workers, and there is no fine. How is I asked? The partner said very well, told me to sign the contract, I asked Li, I could give us how much quota, Li Gong said, first give 1,000 places! You first, if the speed is fast, you can add a little quota to your company, we talked about some details, and we signed a single price is that a worker is 28 dollars. Price Very high, now the unit price on the market is about 19 yuan, the price is better, we have returned to the company after signing the contract, editing this factory’s recruitment information, sent to various labor dispatch groups, post The unit price gives another labor dispatch company is 24 yuan. They give the workers to our company, give the workers 22 dollars to earn two dollars, our company earns four dollars, Li Total their factory 1000 Workers, our company is queued for about ten days, 开人力资源劳务派遣公司是如何赚取暴利的

Li is always very happy, saying that our company’s efficiency is too good. ! He recommended several customers, and signed a variety of plants. The more business is, the better, the better, our company now has 3,000 workers every day to do things in other people’s factory, you count, our company every month. How much can you earn? .

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