What is the most money for the university?

Share a real case today, this is a fast food restaurant that happened in the university. How to use banking systems in the end of the closed closed, realize the anti-day change, change to become the most popular fast food restaurant, passenger flow continues to profit multiplication 30 Multiplier? When a friend, please come to the night, I passed chat. At that time, we were talking to the body store marketing. Some people think it’s blowing. Some people recognize me, he adds me WeChat, after him, he is very urgent to ask me, I asked him how ? It turns out that ····· He is a fast food restaurant near a university in Guangzhou.


When the business is very good, but because of the increase in Internet cafes in recent years, this is not as good as one day, all the day. I can’t help it, so he hopes that I can give some useful opinions, because I was in a practical marketing crazy period, so I promised him, anyway, I was practicing for me, if I can help him Very good, if you can’t help him, it will not be even worse. More than 20, so the competition is very fierce, only more than 20,000 students in the university, this is the fundamental information he gives me, thinking about 2 hours, I did a set of plans to give him, but did not think of him Fast food store profits double more than 30 times, two months.


The scheme is as follows: please see … ······ The first step: close the store, decorate the upgrade of the simple style to improve the image, make Clean clean and tidy; this can be paved for the back activity strategy.

Please see … ······ Step 2: Modify the menu, the original dozens of choices, all remove, there will be left behind 6 sets; students want to eat fast food, not enjoying, this can have more time to study, so there are many kinds, it will be more difficult to choose time, and it is also troubles with restaurants. If there is no stock on the menu, the spare goods do not necessarily have someone. In fact, it is a chicken rib, it is better to streamline only 6 explosions, such as: braised ribs, farmkess, scream, tomato scrambled eggs, Smoke shoots fried bacon, sauerkraut and fried fat, etc. ····· Package makes people choose easier, you think about us to eat. 大学附近的快餐店,在濒临倒闭的时候,实现逆天改命

Please see … ······ The third step: send super gift: a bowl of thick soup + a dish globe Or pickles; now a lot of soups are very thin, basically can’t see the dishes, read the university to eat fast food, basically Appetizing, means what I believe you must know, right? Is there a feeling? The first three steps are ready, that is, the last most important marketingSolution.


Please see ······ Fourth step: open a big bargain, do a 2 yuan free to eat a package Activity; do you know what it means? In fact, it is also very simple, that is, let the boss have a 2 yuan discount card. With this card, you can choose a 15 yuan package to eat, so you may be a bit, don’t you lose it? If it is definitely a loss, see how I helped the boss to lock the customer, in fact, I don’t complicate, I have to find a familiar with the boss, let him recruit 2 students, say this They have a good project, at least 1000 yuan, then give them 1,000 yuan for each person 2 yuan package, say that you will take this card to the school to sell, sell a piece, 1000, 1000 Yuan Zero spend money, you think about 2 yuan, you can eat a fast food to eat 15 yuan, do you say this card is not good? I am sure to sell, if everyone sells, it is 2000 customers come in. Will you say that traffic will still be missing? Sure enough, I don’t expect my expensive, and the traffic is really full every day.


I will analyze you, a fast cost of a fast food is about 5-6 yuan, and the membership card recovers 1 yuan cost, then every The cost of the customer is equal to 4-5 yuan. If there is no post, then it is definitely a loss, now tell you the most classic lock customer, when the students pay for 2 yuan card, you see me. Let the boss say to the students, today’s dishes are satisfied, I still want to eat free for free. If you are a student, I will ask you to think about it? Don’t say something, I let the boss say \”I only need 15 yuan to buy 8 2 yuan package discount card (can be used for 2 yuan in cash), you can send you a free package card.\” Bar, spend 15 yuan, you can also eat a 15 yuan package, you tell me this kind of good thing, if you want? Therefore, the transaction rate is as high as more than 85%, now let’s count a bill, let you see the boss will lose money? Buying a customer cost is 4-5 yuan, but if he bought 15 yuan of 8 2 yuan deduction coupons, then he will not lose, now you know why?


Let me tell you, in fact, it is very simple, if the other party bought it, this is pure profit, Leave the cost of getting customer, also earned 9-10 yuan? So if he is used? That’s better, you count a package of 15 yuan each time, students can only use 2 yuan to deduct coupons, then there are 13 yuan, minus 4-5 yuan, can also make money 8-9 yuan, 8 times All used, it is to make money 72-80 yuan, minus the first time to buy customersThis is 4-5 yuan, then minus the free to send him a meal, then earn 60-68 yuan; do you know where this strategy is most amazing? As long as the other party has traded, you can lock him 8 times, the university’s traffic is constant. If you eat more people, others will eat less, can you understand here? The advantage of this marketing is that if the loss is a loss of renovation is a few thousand yuan + cost 12,000 yuan, a total of 20,000 yuan, but if it succeeded, earn more than a month. The above steps have been finished, he has turned a loss, but how to make him continue to be hot, not a heat wave?

Please see ······ The fifth step: add WeChat to order; so every student to eat, I have let him add WeChat, Then use the table to edit the membership number. Before 8 pm, I will release today’s ingredients and the goods and inspection reports. This allows students to click to enter the meals they want to eat at noon, and they can let students trust them. Our ingredients and the safety of the food, let the videos of the dish can let students understand our hygiene, you can’t produce fissure, spread, so he can have more than 10 million profits every month. Become the hottest fast food restaurant near the university; Is there any inspiration? I believe this case, you will be inspired by you, there are different views of the welcome comment area, I am the truth, I agree, I don’t agree, welcome. Image from the network 大学附近的快餐店,在濒临倒闭的时候,实现逆天改命

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