What is the most money to make a ball business (what is the most profitable business)

The special economic situation in 2020 leads to the recession of the economy, so the state began to encourage the economic development, so that the economy is developing, so what is the most profitable and very popular? The following is a product recommended by Xiaobian, which is best suited, not only in cost, but the profit is large.

The special economic situation in 2020 leads to the economic recession, so the state began to encourage the economy, to drive the economic development, then what is the most profitable for sale and very popular? The following is a product recommended by Xiaobian, which is best suited, not only in cost, but the profit is large.

First, multi-function dry cleaning products

Selling multi-function dry cleaning products on the stall must be very popular, and the initial investment only has hundreds Thousands of, through the way of stall promotion or home sales, the gross profit margin can reach 70% to 85%, and the product life cycle is very long.

Second, selling fashion women’s clothing

You can go to the wholesale market to batch some fashion Women’s clothing, take a shelf, you can go to the foot of the pedestrian street. This is the most common, profit is probably doubled.

Third, sell coin rings

Coin ring to pay a few cents, generally 5 yuan a sale. Give it a \”coin manufacturing, never fading\” value, which makes people feel valuable, so it is a time.

4, selling books and magazines

Book magazine is one of the top ten most popular stalls, selling price 10 yuan, buy price About 5 yuan. There are many supermarkets in front. I want to find a good place, I can sell very well, or sell for a long time, just a little in the initial investment.

Five There are not many investment, the profit is considerable, and there are many people in this industry, so they do it, there are different places, whether it is product or sales.

Sixth, selling a healthy diet album

The wholesale price of healthy diet album is probably 2 yuan, usually 10 yuan, big Part is sold at the door of the market. Now people pay more and more attention to their health, the profits are not bad, but mainly, there is no market in you, there are not many people sold now.

Seven, sell small jewelry

The cost of small ornaments is generally low, see if you can buy cheap items. The jewelry must be stylish, it is best to have beautiful packaging, so you can sell more, more profit, but don’t press too much.

Eight, selling strange toys

The strange toy is the favorite of children, and the top ten most popular street stalls. One of the products. The strange toy is a variety of toys, which can meet the preferences of different children, so weird toys are a wide range of brands, which should be a very profitable industry in the stalls, and very popular among children. Selling children’s toys make money.

Nine, selling home specialty

In some special places, some local specialties can be sold very much. Every place you go will want to bring something, so local specialties are a good choice.

Ten, selling creative products

When people visiting booths, they are curious, they have not seen something the most fresh. Now people don’t lack the money, only fresh products, if you can find fresh and unique creative products, you can make a lot of money, such as fun headdress, balloons, portable folding chairs, hats with fans, mosquito spray, Small fans in your hand, etc.

The above is about what is most profitable and very popular, and I can also understand how much money I need to open the Taobao shop, I hope to help you.

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