What is the most profitable rural species?These four varieties \”money\” are good, put small invested, worth reference

All said that the rural areas do not make money, and can also look at which industry in China is most, or agricultural planting, this shows that planting industry still has great development prospects! In fact, it is important to make money, what is important, and it is difficult to make money. Conversely, if you use new technologies, some good varieties are used, it is still profitable. So, what is the most profitable rural species? According to the current market situation, the ink is recommended to grow these four developed \”money\”, now it is not too late!


Variety 1: Planting a motherwort. Yihara is a one-year herbal plant for lip-shaped herb, which is a good medicine for gynecological diseases for the past generation, and it can also play health care in usual drinking, which is particularly popular, and the market prospects are wide; Strong, it is not strict, and the general soil and the wild hill can be planted, and it has cultivated in all regions in my country, and it is not high for planting technical requirements. In addition, it can produce two seasons in one year. The total amount of the total yield is about 500kg. At present, the prices of the mother and therapeuts are about 5.5 yuan per mu, and the income per mu is about 5,500 yuan. In the rural economy crop, it is more objective, and friends who make money Can you consider it!

Variety 2: konjac. The konjac is not only for people to eat, but also has a broad application in food, medicine and other industries. Among them, the konjac flour is the largest supply of sales in the international market. my country’s daily magic powder will consume thousands of tons, but from the actual market. Look, it is impossible to meet the market demand, so planting the magic and the potter does not have to worry about the sales issue, the prospect is very optimistic. And planting technology, konjac has the advantages of short growth cycle, high yield and high economic efficiency. However, although it is high, it is also relatively high, and the biggest risk is the soft and bacteria that konjac it carries, so it is necessary to take into account this before planting. 农村种什么最赚钱?这四个品种“钱”景好,投入小,值得参考

Variety three: planting black tomatoes. Black tomato is a foreign introduction tomato variety. It is a treasure of the tomato family. The black tomatoes not only have the nutritional value of ordinary tomatoes, but the content is also nearly ten times, so the black tomatoes have a lot of effects. Around, the price is also far higher than normal tomato. Comprehensive related information, the cost of planting an acres of black tomatoes is about 10,000 yuan / mu, net income is about 110,000 yuan / mu, even if it is also required to remove fertilizer, labor, transportation fee, all kinds of miscellaneous fees, each acre The profit of the land is still very high. And now my country’s black tomatoes are not fully popular, the planting area is not large, if you want to start a business, this is a new project, which will become a good project that is rich in rural plantation in the future.


Variety four: wild vegetables, can invest in green wild vegetables such as asparagus, artemisia, Malan, and arms, with small investment, fast effective, low market, low technical content, etc., In line with the country’s basketball team.The above are the market prospects, and the farmers who don’t worry is a farmer who wants to make money by planting.In general, market demand is the key to getting rich, but I also need to recommend everyone, do not blindly, must first determine the direction of entrepreneurship according to their own positioning and advantage, only this can earn big money.What are you talking about?Do you have any good entrepreneurial project recommendation?Welcome to share the message below, thank you for reading ~

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