What is the part-time job of college students? (What is the part-time job of college students can do)

Next, college students part-time

Winter holidays are so long

always want to find a part-time job to do

Liar, the favorite you like, you are so independence


There is a few days ago, there are netizens to express such a \”part-time\” advertisement in the game group

[123 ] Hubei business trip three days 6000 interested + Q

出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?! What is good for such a good job?

User’s curious, adding QQ

, there is a next conversation

\”Just avoid tax, use you Card the company’s water. \”

\” \”\” 出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?!

\”This behavior is not any risk!\”

\”Absolute legal, just can’t put the top!\”

\”It will be included in the air!\”

This friend said that

what kind of trust is \”

can make a lot of people People

Since the freight fees fly to the strange location

An out of the difference

anti-fraud can only be said

also often appears in college students part-time group

出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?!? Because college students \”good deception\”!

This is actually a \”run\” project

is packaged into part-time business trips

Because college students generally lack social experience [123 ]

There is no resistance to the external temptation

Coupled with college students’ basic \”clean\”

出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?! Universal bonds

used to do \”card farmers\” and then appropriate

With the increasing disclosure of \”run\”

These part-time advertisements are also more embarranging

concealed, such as foreign trade trips

[ 123] Another example, the securities manager is a performance of the performance

It seems that there is a hole

carefully analyze

Binding manager provided mobile phone card

Open SMS reminder

出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?! also set a unified bank card password

is another dry run! !

In this way, the performance

Such a fund manager simply did not dry

The other party is to controlYour bank card

Borrowing your identity to the number of bank cards

College students \”black and black\” money-saving group event

[ 123]

Xiaofeng discovers

You can lock your bank card by continuous transmission of three passwords

I will go to the counter Unlock

Directly put the money as its own

Xiaofeng and his classmates feel 出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?!

Anyway, this helpful money is not clear

Let’s give it

This helping people don’t dare to take us

The final police will be Xiao Feng and his classmates

and fraud gangs On the Internet

I want to \”black and black\” must not be

How can Xiao smart be available here? !

The anti-fraud wants to say

Young college students

出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?! The cold window is not easy


AJ is really cool

The blind box is indeed very fragrant

Lo skirt is indeed very 靓 出差三天,收入6000,大学生们想要的兼职赚钱路在这里?!

But how can I be in front of my eyes Point benefits

to leave a stain to his life

Winter holiday arrived

Try to treat all kinds of part-time part-time

ourselves, mobile phone card [ 123]

Never lend to others

Source: Nantong anti-fraud

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