What is the rural to earn money (what can be done in the countryside

The aquaculture industry is a major industry in agriculture, as well as the traditional farming industry that has always been in rural areas. Due to this year’s epidemic, many people want to stay in rural to engage in breeding development, but they are worried that they don’t know what to make money. So today’s Muhua Nongzhu’s farm and midst of the farmono to explain what to make money in rural farming, now make money in eight projects in rural farmers, hoping to have a certain help for people who are confused!


Do you make money in rural areas? These 8 breeding projects can also make money

1, the yellow cattle breeding

Huang Niu is the most common cow in our East and Weinan, and in our East, mainly breeding the yellow cattle The cultivated land is mainly, and the cattle farming is traditional farming. However, the market is large for beef demand, and the price of beef is high, so the breeding benefits are relatively high. The yellow cattle has a strong adaptability, good feeding, and the ability to resist disease is also relatively high. The market gap is large. So farming friends can breed cattle.

2, farming

If you want everyone to know that the meat is burned, it is more famous in the country, so since there is a need in the market, then you must breach in the market. Demand, and the breeding history is relatively long, and the breast is traditional breeding. The meat has always had the beauty of the meat, so the market is worth the market, and the skin can also be made of gelatin, and the meat is the material used in medicine and the development prospects.

在农村养啥赚钱?这8个养殖项目利润高还能赚钱 3, Xiaozhu pig breeding

Speaking of Xiaoxiang pigs, everyone may not be familiar, but if it is said to be roast pigs, Do you have a lot of water? That’s true, this is the characteristics of small aroma pigs, small body, less meat, meat quality, strong fragrance, and small incense pigs, it is relatively easy to breed, the main feed of Xiaoxiang pig is green feed, easy to feed, cost Lower, single pig price is not high, so the market is huge.

4, dairy breeding 在农村养啥赚钱?这8个养殖项目利润高还能赚钱

Many people think that dairy breeding is in order to sell milk, in fact, it is incomplete, cows can sell milk on the one hand, And the best way is to sell fresh milk. At the same time, you can also develop cows to create a beef cattle. That is to sell beef cattle, the flesh of the cows is much smmelread than the general cow, the taste is also very good, the market has not fully opened.

5, Meihua Deer Farm

在农村养啥赚钱?这8个养殖项目利润高还能赚钱 The aquacultion of the plum deer is popular here, and the plum deer is a treasure, and the antler is a precious Chinese herbal medicine. , Deer blood is a dual-use product, deer blood wine is very popular, the venison is delicious, the nutritional value is very high.

Meihua deer breeding is almost all over the country, especially in northeast, southwest, northwestwelcome. Meihua deer breeding belongs to special breeding, and it is necessary to handle professional procedures, relatively trouble, but the market is huge.

6, 鹌 culture

Many people know quail eggs, and quail egg nutritional value is relatively high, and in my country’s wild 鹌鹑In the grass in hills, streams, swamps, plains and lakes. The 鹑 鹑 is relatively high, and it is also a relatively precious high-end nourishing food. It is currently better than farming.

在农村养啥赚钱?这8个养殖项目利润高还能赚钱 7, meat pigeon breeding

The meat of the pigeons is the best, and the nutritional value is the best, but farming is now very common. In particular, the maternal and patient patients with wounds are needed to eat meat pigeons because the pigeons have the function of accelerating wound healing.

The pigeons have a large body, rich nutrients, and the consumption of medicinal value is relatively high, so it has become a real favorite. Pigeon meat has delicate and delicate feathers, meat and blood are better tonic.

在农村养啥赚钱?这8个养殖项目利润高还能赚钱 8, black pheasant breeding

Black and info chicken is also called black Yuki bone chicken, suitable for small breeding, is also suitable for large-scale breeding, black bone The chicken has the advantages of disease resistance and coldness, and there is a lot of eggs in the dark chicken, and the growth rate is faster. Black and chickens have high commodity value and health care, medicinal value, and the market is very vast market prospects.

In summary, the breeding industry is actually a long-term investment industry. Therefore, it must be forward-looking and pre-procurement when choosing breeding products. It is also necessary to analyze the market, and if you have a fortune with the market, you will make a fortune, just like a pig, there are no pigs that you can sell, when everyone is crazy, pigs are not worth money, Therefore, choosing is more important than hard work.

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