What is the small business in the New Year, a more money, recommend 6 kinds

The year is close to the year, I believe in a lot of friends for a year, I have no money, and many friends privately believe me. What business make money now? I have been in New Year, this life fee is not bad, then this problem, I really don’t know where to answer, what do you do to make money?


You have to do it with your heart, let go of your face, this world has no shortcuts can go, you can only go a footprint in one step, so high, high, low, only Can be an endless.

That often can’t afford to look down. Before the battle. Today, I will organize a few small business that is suitable for the New Year, do good, earn tens of thousands of dollars, it is not difficult.

I have done such a sale in a few years ago, there is nothing wrong, earning profits by my own labor, this is glorious thing.

The first breakfast point, the next year is near.

The phenomenon of customer reflow will increase, then we can put a breakfast point in a place where people are intensive or on the market, so you can earn three or two hundred, you can earn three or two hundred, too It is possible, but also doesn’t need to invest, as long as you do something delicious, the effect is immediate.

That is not as we doing business, it is necessary to set up the training period, right? Then you can make money immediately.

Second, selling new year stalls, selling some new year is also quite good, like these, word painting, small gifts, there are things that the New Year needs, you can from the wholesale market, wholesale Come back, then, then go to the market to sell, this is also a very good source of income, there is nothing risks, can you enter a suite, after being sold.

Third, a group purchase, many companies need to send benefits.

Then the gift group purchase is a small peak. I have a lot of fixed customers a lot of fixed customers, such as pastry spree, drinks, drinks.

You can be positioned to a point, such as you have made a pastry spree, then find the manufacturer or the dealer gives you the lowest price. You can take the model to run the market.

That customer can introduce friends, can also be strange visits or call, now the information is very open, I want to find a company’s person in charge, it is still not difficult, as long as you are reasonable, get a few group purchase Orders are still possible.

And once these customers have sold, there are opportunities for transactions during the late festival.

Fourth: Selling the past New Year’s household needs pastry, we can do some pastries from the manufacturer, then go to the market to sell, then this is also a must-have for the New Year, and you can make money, risk Not big, many pastries manufacturers have the price and wholesale price, they are willing to help him sell, if the conditions are allowed, we can alsoLearn the production method of one or two pastries.

You can find pastry shops to learn or go to these training institutions to learn.

For example, a walnut crispy water cake, it is quite good in the market.

Fifth, selling fruit

Selling fruit is also a good choice, remember that I have a year before you wholesale fruit, then go to the country’s market.

The apple five yuan a bag, I can sell hundreds of dollars in the morning.

The fruit is also a necessity in the New Year’s life.

Sixth, rubbing shoes

Don’t underestimate the shoe shoes, I have seen a supermarket door, a young man is rubbing shoes in four seasons, I let him help me with shoe shoes At the same time, I learned in the way.

He said that the company gave him five or six thousand a month, he didn’t want to go to work, rub the shoes, he could earn three and two hundred dollars a day.

In the New Year, earned a thousand dollars a day.

Of course, while he is still selling the underwear. Esserous and other attached products.

That is, it is not difficult to make money, you can put down the face, you can make money.

What kind of small business in the New Year I shared is more good, it is good, if you are willing to put your face, you can do some small business, I believe you can make money, if you Little business can’t do it, don’t say to make a big business.

Li Jiacheng is not from selling plastic flowers, right? When there is no money, we have to learn from the bottom of the society, slowly to hurt yourself, when your ability can earn more money, ok, then today, you will share it here.

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