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At the end of 2021, the last mega \”Flower\” Zhang Ting and her brand \”TST secret\”.

Shijiazhuang Yuhua District Market Supervision Bureau disclosed that \”TST Secret\” operation main company Shanghai Darwei is suspected of using the Internet, engaged in the progress of the pyramid scheme being investigated. It is understood that Darwell’s funds that were frozen by property preservation were 600 million yuan.

In this regard, \”TST Secret\” responded to \”Darwell is a legal business\” in the early morning of December 29, and the company’s person in charge of the actor Zhang Ting.

But the fact is that the market supervision department responds to the media that the relevant MLM has been in 2013, involving more people, the amount is huge, and has entered the financial audit stage. The results of the investigation of the statue of the case, the responsibility of responsibility. The attitude of the People’s Daily is \”剜剜 网络 网 MLM toxicoma\”.

Interesting is that the shock is different from the previous eating melon, many netizens said that \”the melon\”, some netizens, \”finally checked\”, speech is quite a sense of firming. In the past, the pyramid schemes carried out in the name of micro business were indeed uncommon.

01, earn

2016, Zhao Yang did a \”TST Secret\” agent under the introduction of the classmate.

There are three points to attract her join: one is to make money; second, it is easy to operate; the third is Zhang Ting and other stars. \”The classmates tell me who who did this. I can earn more than ten thousand in a year, I have earned 4,000 yuan in one month. I am more than they have been learned from them. I don’t do it. ? \”

This classmate also told Zhao Yang, just need to make money in a friend circle to share product links. When I did it, I did someone came to Zhao Yang to buy goods through a friend circle. After she told the news, she could earn more money.

Helping the card, to create a company, let more people open cards, rushing together, is \”mystery\” to make money in \”TST secret\”. \”Only with your own office, the chairman, the crackdian grandson (offline) is related to you, when they buy it, you can get the commission.\” Zhao Yang said.

(Reporter) 张庭夫妇到底在赚什么钱?

When she joined TST, she could establish the company’s premise to develop 100 people \”card\”, their own achievements of their own agents. Three months have reached 100,000 yuan a month.

In order to rush performance, Zhao Yang did not take less goods. She thought that when she was \”chairman\”, she made her money, so that she didn’t expect that her own goods were difficult to sell.

The reason is that the agents on the market are discounted and sold, and they can only follow the low-cost sales. And TST agent is getting more goods, the more,The lower the discount, you want to have price advantage when you sell, you can only get the goods from TST.

In order to encourage agents like Zhao Yang, TST will also promise, performance agents can take a group with Zhang Ting couple, plus WeChat. \”Later, I only knew that WeChat is added, but the WeChat is not their own, it is an assistant.\” Zhao Yang said.

(Zhang Ting, Lin Ruiyang)

Zhao Yang did four years TST agent, but I found that I couldn’t earn money. Unlike her \”bamboo basket, there is an empty\”, Zhang Ting’s couple have earned the pot full of TST. 张庭夫妇到底在赚什么钱?

TST was established in 2013, founder is Lin Ruiyang, Zhang Ting couple. Official APP shows that its main products are TST skin care products, large health products, imported wine, etc. At present, TST has nearly 13 million members to cover more than 100 million people in consumers, and TST founders reached 3368.

TST operator company is Shanghai Dalwei Trading Co., Ltd., Tianji App Data Show, Zhang Shuqin (Zhang Ting] is the statutory of Shanghai Guangpeng Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shengji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The representative, her husband Lin Ruiyang (formerly known as Lin Jirong) is the ultimate beneficiary of Shanghai Darwei. The actor Tao Hong has a total of 6.6% of Shanghai Darwei.

How much make more this company? Zhao Yang took an example to the city: TST brand a \”golden reserve long carbon\” mask retail price of about 30 yuan / piece, the same mask, its foundry is 4 yuan / piece in Alibaba.

The listed company Shandong Huapeng has announced a group of data: From January to September 2017, Shanghai Darwei Trading Co., Ltd. revenue of 36 billion yuan, net profit of 1.14 billion yuan, net interest rate of 31.7 %.

In contrast to peer companies, 2017 Pills, Peliya, Shanghai’s family, and even Hui Xi’s net profit margin is far more than Shanghai Darwei. For example, Huaxi’s hyaluronic acid produced, the \”woman’s Moutai\”, but its net interest rate is 4.5 percentage points lower than Shanghai Darwell. 张庭夫妇到底在赚什么钱?

The tax amount can also see the strength of Shanghai Darwell. According to the view report, 2018 Shanghai Darwai Tax reached 1.26 billion yuan, which is the tax champion in Qingpu District, Shanghai, and the three companies in the same region, Shentong, and Yunda.

Sitting on such a business, Zhang Ting couple also \”\”, they are adjacent to Huangpu River in the luxury homes in Shanghai, not only with a large area of \u200b\u200baerial gardens. Zhang Ting said in the show: \”People who come to my house will be lost in the first time.\”

02, suspicion of business class

carefully analyze, TST’s business and 2019 explosion MLM company rights and so on have \”the wonderful work\”.

The founder of the power is bunch of HuihuiOpen the helicopter to return to the hometown, high-priced title football team, demonstrate his financial resources everywhere. TST not only relying on many star platform \”supporting the farm\”, but also how many people have been promoted by TST agent \”One Night Fur\”.

(Zhang Ting, Ming Dao, Tao Hong)

In fact, the purpose of doing this is to pack yourself, attract more people to join. \”TST is to move the original power to the line in the line.\” Li Xu, the head of the \”Li Xu anti-MLM fraud team\”, told the city.

In fact, before this report, TST was suspected of suspected pyramid schemes, but it was denied. The person in charge of the \”TST Trision\” said that the \”Trision is B2B2C mode\”.

Specifically, the company is directly sold to consumers directly, and on the other hand, it is sold through agents to sell, and emphasizes that all the benefits of the agent are obtained by product sales, all modes. There is no existence of a tenth to obtain income, and there is no suspected pyramid scheme.

张庭夫妇到底在赚什么钱? On the official platform, TST defines yourself as a micro business. To a certain extent, the micro-business and pyramid schemes seem to be easily confused.

Li Xu believes that there are three characteristics of the pyramid scheme: First, \”entry\”, you need to pay a certain fee, or pay the money in the form of a purchase product; the second is \”pull the head\”, forming obvious Upper and down line relationship; third is \”team pay\”, that is, give a certain reward through the number or performance of the pull head by direct or indirect form.

\”If there is no multi-level incentive mechanism, no one is going to play this thing, and it is said to make money.\” Li Xu added. In his view, TST’s business model is almost the same as the characteristics of MLM.

Senior anti-mistributive, volunteer Wang Geng, believes that Shanghai Darwei Trading Co., Ltd. relies on the price of the price of the price, take the team’s reward mode, draped a micro-business case, essentially typical MLM behavior.

Li Xu said that distinguishing between true micro-commerce, social e-commerce and pyramid schemes, mainly looking at two: One is there is no product, the product has no cost performance; the second is there is a multi-level rebate, \”layer Layer.

\”Red Wine, Tea, Cosmetics) The product is most likely to be utilized by MLM. High profits can support the layers of layers. And participants’ income is not product profit, but development The head fee of the next line. \”Wang Geng added.

03, micro business has been too early

If there is no pyramid schedule, the micro business has also had a legendary experience.

At first, there was Weibo \”big V\” using his popularity to carry out commercial marketing in the middle of the fans, and got a lot of interests. This operation also provides many people with new ideas, some people began to show and promote products in Weibo, Renren.com, Forum, QQ and other. This is a microSummer of business.

In 2011, WeChat was on line, and the slogan \”connected all\” was played. People find that WeChat can not only publish the product, but also quickly communicate, and promote it in addition to typing time, there is no other promotion cost. Thus, the main battlefield of micro-commercial marketing quickly moved to WeChat. 张庭夫妇到底在赚什么钱?

The first to smell the business opportunity is a group of people who do overseas purchasing. They sent the purchased product photos to a circle, attracted a lot of people to leave a message. During this period, the products sold by micro-sales were mostly luxury represented by the bag, with maternal and child products represented by milk powder, diapers and some cosmetics and electronic products.

(Micro-purchasing bags)

Especially in 2013, WeChat public platform upgrade into two types and service numbers, superimposed WeChat payment, social Attributes and commercial marketing properties have both highlighting, in such a context, micro-commercial starts barbarism.

During this period, micro-commerce has two kinds of sellers, one is to get an entrance through WeChat public number, and another class is still as a main position, especially the lower salary, in College students and full-time mothers are the first batch of practitioners.

Many people have a deep impression of the WeChat friends of that year, Wang Li uses \”hodgepodge\” to describe her WeChat and friends circle, sometimes she will be advertised by friends, sometimes go online Will be enthusiastic about the owner to be warm, turned to see the owner to sell the goods in a friend circle, sometimes she will be tempted by some gifts, join some product promotion group chat.

\”The most magical thing is that this person may be in the next second, and the next second is started to send a group of friends.\” Wang Li describes the micro business \”simple , Rude, direct \”.

Micro-commercial detonation is in 2014. That year, many micro-commercial began to believe that \”annual income is 1 billion is not a dream\”, which is the mask. For example, the mask brand is ten years old. With the direct sales of more than 100 million, micro business has developed to two million.

Even the founders of the ten-year-old founders did not expect to make an explosion. The temptation of wealth, the micro business is rapidly enlarged, and various levels of agents are frequent. By the end of 2014, micro-employed workers have reached tens of millions.

A large number of micro-commercial brands emerged, some relying on the goods of the foundry, posted their own brands, and there are traditional brands in the micro-business field, and transfer sales channels to micro business. Han Board, Si, Three Grass, two woods, Kaier’s music is here. 张庭夫妇到底在赚什么钱?

Many stars joined it, except for Zhang Gang, \”Beautiful Caper\” Yi Neng Jing founded the mask micro-commercial brand \”Members of Milin\”; Liu Jialing created \”Jia Ling Mask\”; even Guo Degang also sold it Business plane.

One side is the rendering of the star platform, the grassroots wealth story, but the other is chaos full of flying.

[123Since individual sellers are mixed, the truth is difficult, and the price is not transparent. At the same time, some brands still have quality problems. For example, after using the mask, even some micro business is to make quick money, to smoke, turn into heart The pyramid is not rincier.

Micro commercial is a negative synonym. After 2015, the micro-commercial gradually \”We are friends so I believe you\” becomes \”,\” I have made a passerby. \” Affected by this, from May 2015, most micro business sales fell by 80% -90%.

At the same time, various aspects have begun to accelerate for micro-commercial supervision. In 2015, the Administration of Industry and Commerce first clearly filed the introduction of micro-merchants into supervision; WeChat official on micro-commercial policies also encouraged transformation into serious supervision, from \”fake activities\”, restriction violent brush screen to later restrictions plus friends a good number, shut down three Level distribution micromallow, close WeChat marketing number, etc. In 2017, the micro-business norms were announced.

Micro Business gradually entered the standard development stage from barbaric growth, at the same time, traditional e-commerce companies such as Alibaba, Netease Koala, Jingdong have been involved in micro-commerce, and many big brands also involved The field has made some products forced to go, and some are still going to other platforms such as small red books, jams.

With the upgrade of consumption, users have also begun to transform, and they are very vigilant for \”three no products\”. The money is no longer so good.

Many people who rely on micro-business are no longer high-profile, but began to fall down. For example, the micro-merchants Gong Wenxiang have been \”a thousand red envelopes that have been sent again\” by the media report. The last time is because \”liabilities are tired, selling a car, and there is no clear\”.

Fish dragon mixed micro-commercial experience a wave of shuffling, began to go in the formal army. If the previous micro business, if the trend is trend, I will create an excellent brand, nature is also an outway.

Unfortunately, some people don’t want to give up the interests of their hands, I can’t help but think, from the micro-commercial, the sheep head sells dog meat, this kind of behavior of the shot ball, finally Eye.

(Zhao Yang, Wang Li is a pseudonym)

Reference information \”The Development History of Micro Business and Future\”, Journal of Sichuan Provincial Party School (except for individual labeling source, the above picture is from visual China )

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