What kind of \”confusing behavior\” is it?

Your next iPhone, why bother is your iPhone


Text | \”Finance\” Reporter Li Ying

Liu Mengze accidentally fell on the ground, scared her a spirit, hurriedly picked up and checked, see There is no trace, this is loose.

Since I changed this iPhone 12, Liu Meze began to abnormally intended to mobile phones, not doing anything, just because this mobile phone is renting, it will still be.

In a rental platform user group joined by Liu Meze, the mobile phone rental joint has played nearly 500 people, and they are warmly discussed here, and they are taught to teach how to quickly rent a new phone. Or sharing the joy after your phone is behind your hand.

However, in addition to this small group \”rental party\”, most people are full of question mark for renting mobile phones: why do you want to rent such private equipment? Even if you can’t afford your expensive, is it cheaper? Even if you can’t afford to pay for it, do you buy a mobile phone in the install?

However, in just a few years, the mobile phone rental economy that is not understood to grow in a small market body. Quantity, more people treat this as a blue sea, bringing funds to add bricks.

What is the sale of mobile phones, is it a \”true fragrance\” for consumers?

Can you buy it? Why do you want to rent?

In October, Zhang Mo passed the \”old-replaced\” activity through a mobile phone rental platform, and the previous rented iPhone 12 was successfully replaced with 13. Counting Zhang Mo finally used 4,199 yuan to use 9 months of new 128G iPhone 12, and now continue to enjoy the use of iPhone 13 at a price of 424 yuan per month. After calculating this account, Zhang Mo doesn’t think that renting your phone is cost-effective to yourself.

When a friend told Zhang Mo to rent a mobile phone, her first reaction was refused. \”I have been working for so many years, no money to buy mobile phones, why should I rent?\”

However, she was soon being convincing by my friends. Logic is this: Although (Apple) official website has old-replaced activities, old mobile phones can be folded into part of the fee, but this money is not much, so, if you want to use the latest model every year, the cost of the year will be five Six thousands of blocks. According to the rental price on a platform at the time, Zhang Mo may take only four or five thousand pieces a year, you can use new mobile phones every year, and don’t have to worry about old mobile phones. [123

For those who exchange new machines like Zhang Mo, leased mobile phones have met the needs of new mobile phones, and they can take a different approach when everyone is fighting new opportunities. Lower prices enjoy happiness with new phones.

For those who do not pursue one year, rent a mobile phone is not so costly, but they have their own reasons.

Sun Wei knows that it is much more expensive to buy a mobile phone in accordance with its own switching frequency. However, she told us that the staging of the alternative intersection is relatively small, and the rent mobile phone can be accepted in the case of purchasing other platforms.

Liu Mengze is also the case, I want to have new phones, but the credit line does not allow installment purchase. \”At that time, I wanted to use Apple mobile phones. Many students around them were used on iPhone 13. I still kicked the Android machine.\” After repeated trade-off, she finally decided to rent a 9.9-new iPhone. 12, the daily rent is around 10 yuan, the lease is 365 days.

Sesame credit division is depolized, and the rent is not occupied. These preferential policies have given the great rental of Liu Mengze. They often want to change their mobile phones but shame, leaseing ways can disperse the large amount of expenditure of one-time purchase to a longer period of time, one day, a cup of milk tea can let them use new mobile phones.

There are also some people choose to rent a mobile phone because of other needs other than daily use, such as work spare machines, game machines, assessment testing machines, chasing stars, etc. Mr. Li leases the second-hand iPhone 11 in a rental machine applet, and only seven or eight yuan, the rental period is 180 days, and the right to work and the spare machine in life. Several dollars have no pressure to him, while this rental mobile phone also meets the daily pastime needs of him. For the 3C products, I have always wanted to be a digital evaluation blogger’s Apole, renting a mobile phone does not have a lot of one-time spending, and I can get a variety of mobile phone for a certain period of time, just have just good to him. .

There are also small part of the people rent a mobile phone is not for use, but thinking about this set of now, such as Fifi. She owes a net loan because of illegal consumption, urgently needs to pay attention to the debt. After listening to a Weibo netizen’s recommendation, she felt that the rent mobile phone cash is a nice choice. So Feifei first rented a iPhone 11 Pro Max with his own name, the mobile phone turned to the above netizens, the man promised to give her a money, and then returned the mobile phone after the expiration. Although the money received is not bad and the annual rent is not bad, but it solves the urgent urgency of Feifei, let her not not to get online.The money also appeared in confidence. But soon, the person lost contact, and the mobile phone naturally came back. Phi Fe was cheated, but he had to bear the cost of renting a mobile phone.

Later, Feifei saw that there was a gang to reserve the lending mobile phone and was sentenced to the profit, and now I want to come to the netizen, it is this illegal way. At the Douban \”Legal League\” team, there is more than one in Fifi, they all give mobile phones to others after renting mobile phones. When they arrive, they will not be in their own hands, and the lease contract has to be back.

Is IT tax still planned?

For those who are now renting mobile phones or rental, rent mobile machines are often the choices they have considered, some people think that there is money, Some people think that it can be mapped. Some people have an urgent but to buy. Everyone takes the required, and the mobile phone rental market is therefore operational and continuous. However, when someone else will take a mobile phone, there is also a group of people who have to prevent others from falling into the mobile phone, in their description, renting a mobile phone is a \”pit\”.

So, rent a mobile phone is a profit trading or an IQ tax behavior, it is worth discussion. Although many platforms are used to make a cheap illusion with a few, more than a dozen months of the monthly rent or hundreds of monthly months, long-term accumulation, the rent is also a considerable spending. Here we can make a simpler accounting:

租手机,是一种怎样的“迷惑行为”? Take the new 256G iPhone 13 as an example, Apple’s official flagship store price 6799 yuan, on a few major mainstream rental platforms One year rent is at 3500+ to 5700+. In other words, some platforms can enjoy a new phone half price, but some need to spend more than 80% of the original price.

In the \”rental\” package, the total rent of these platforms is more than 8,400 yuan, which is more than 120% of the original price. In this mode, the user pays the rent on a month. When the lease is full, the mobile phone is all personal, and it is true that it is another form of installment. Although it is better than the original price of the phone, it is good to provide another channel for purchasing a mobile phone for those who can’t use a flower or white.

There is also a situation to buy first after lease, if you choose this mode, you need to pay a break fee at once at the end of the lease. 256G iPhone 13’s buy break is mostly between 3,200 yuan -4500 yuan, and some even exceed half of the phone value. At this time, the rent of the one year plus the buy break, the high can reach 10058 yuan, which is much higher than the original price of the mobile phone.

Left is \”renting the delivery\” mode mobile phone rental price, right is the rental price of \”renting the return / renewal / buyout\” mode

So calculated, passThe way to rent a mobile phone \”with rent\” will take the mobile phone, the premium will be higher than 24% -48% of the official price, which is much higher than the interest in white strips, flowers, and even credit card. If only rent is rented, the rent is ranging from 3,500 yuan to 5,000 yuan. But in general, four, five thousand pieces often can buy a good brand flagship machine.

Combined with the calculation of Zhang Mo and Sun Wei, it is not difficult to see that rent mobile phones is actually more suitable for people who frequently change their mobile phones. As long as you find a suitable platform, they often have new phones that they can spend less than a low price of mobile phones. On the contrary, \”buy out after rent\” is not a wise choice.

It is not cost-effective to have an important weighing point lies in the rental cycle. On the rental platform, the new mobile phone rental cycle is generally set long, and only two mobile phones for short-term rent for 30 days or 90 days. At present, there is a major rental period of a new Apple mobile phone in the mainstream rental period of everyone, a new apple mobile phone is basically one year. The above operator Xiao Zhao tells us that the value of new equipment is generally relatively high. If the customer is returned to return, the new machine will change the second-hand, and the value will decline sharply, so the merchants generally set the rental period.

Consumers only have a short-term demand for mobile phones, spend hundreds of short-term rent a month far more than buying a new mobile phone; but if it is facing long-term needs, It is relatively long-lived and cost difference in the cost of renting rent and one-time purchase.

Summary, rent a mobile phone is not a IQ tax, or it is necessary to see the actual situation of demand and individual. Like Sun Hao knows that the rent is more expensive, but it is unable to purchase the purchase, renting a mobile phone is the best solution that they have drawn after the factors.

Zhang Mo wrote in the small red book note: In this year’s new year, the electronic product update is too fast, for some digital trend people, rental It is a good choice. There are digital bloggers, also believe that rent can creative and product, the use of rational ways make people complete experience products, when electronic product innovation exchanges are getting faster, and the use of electronic products can be used in the rent. It is increasingly in line with contemporary trends. \”During the trial period of the product, try to play greater value as much as possible\”, and rent phones are also a new model worth trying to consume digital products.

租手机,是一种怎样的“迷惑行为”? Own cloud

on the top of the rental mobile phone

Do not talk about the price, only the right to use, there is no access to the tenant to bring additional troubles.

The rental mobile phone is not practical, which seems to be a common feeling of rental users. Although IPHONE 12 has been rented for more than two months, Liu Mezze always has worry, and I am afraid that the phone is touched. \”After all, it is not your own.\”Things, if you have problems, if you are asked by the platform, then I will trouble.

Liu Mengze’s fear is not reasonable. She saw a lot of people from online, and she was asked to pay the maintenance fee after returning the mobile phone. They were more forced to buy, like this. Take a circle, the cost of renting your mobile phone is far more normal purchase.

In the \”Lease Notes\” of the platform, it will be explained to the rules of depreciation and payment: in general, The depreciation fees generated by the rental equipment are borne by the merchant, people are damaged, collisions, scratches, etc., tenants need to bear the cost of repair. If the rental equipment expires if the renter is not conforming to the standard conditions, the tenant must follow the agreement The standard pays compensation to the merchant.

The problem is that the rental, the process is difficult to deal with responsibility After returning, the platform identification is also lacking transparent mechanism. When the analyst experienced the mobile phone rental service, I found that the problem may occur: Only a major damage in the terms of the lease, it needs to be bought, but in the simplicity page Other situations that may make you have to buy.

In addition to the loss of mobile phones, the insecurity of renting mobile phones has been worried about the disclosure of personal privacy data. Unlike other devices, mobile phones are one of the most common electronic products that people relate to people. Address book records, chat records, personal information, payment information … As long as they are used after long-term use, they will leave on mobile phones. Traces.

In terms of platform, it is mentioned that the tenant’s recommendation tenants will clear personal information. If you forget to clear, they will have professional engineers to clear the data. But Xiao Zhao told us that they are actually There is no time to take a closer treatment, because it is too much to return or rent it every day. \”I don’t know anything else, but our own words, the first time is that the test equipment is damaged, Formatting is not formatted without problems. \”She also mentioned that the general customer will be actively formatted before, after all, the personal information is more important.

The aforementioned analysts said that when she is still machine, the staff is only testing. Whether the mobile phone is functioning properly, the whole process does not actively show her how to make privacy data. But now, even if the mobile phone is formatted, it is not difficult to recover data. [123

However, about this, the platform is clearly stated that the data will be cleaned up to the mobile phone to protect the privacy of users. Zhang Mo has actively restored the iPhone 12. Set, she is not worried about the data leaks, \”I believe that Alipay’s platform endorsement. \”In her, Alipay is still relying on.

The rental platform has a long way to go

The lease economy is ancient, but now on credit leases developed by the credit, payment points, etc., it is to rent The rental business of the mobile phone is more hot, and all consumers who have interviewed our interview have said that credit-free removal allows the rent to make mobile phones. And this credit-free electronic product lease model is continuously expanding in recent years.

From Alipay Data, there are more than 80.4 million people recently used, and the number of people recently used in sesame rent, and the airy machine has exceeded 2.6 million. In November 2018, everyone rented thousands of rounds of ants, tens of millions of rounds, in January 2021, announced the completion of NM-round financing; another platform of the Taiwan Ai Ranker also announced in September last year. Level RMB A round financing.

Alipay’s rental platform

Xiao Zhao said, their company mainly do lines Offline office equipment rental, mobile phone rental business is not large, but the size of the month has reached 4 million to 5 million monthly orders. According to the inspection data, the currently registered digital product leasing company is nearly 90,000, while Alipay, Taobao or WeChat, help the rental platform chain picked up consumers and these big and small rental companies.

The aircraft has completed the transformation of self-leased platform service providers in the development of these years. The love renter Huang Tie has previously expressed the initial interview. At the beginning of the establishment, the profit model of the love rent is \”rent + residual recycling – purchasing price\”, the platform purchases smartphones, and completes the rental and recycling full process. Starting from 2020, profit model transforms to rental companies to purchase mobile phones, and then rent on the love renter platform, and the platform is only revenue and technical service costs.

Everyone Rent Cui Manager tells us that they have always been platform attributes, as third-party service providers participate in lease trading. Among the announcements that completed B-round financing, everyone rental mentioned that the platform provides new rental platforms, systems and tools for more than 25,000 merchants. Merchants who have rented people say that every transaction through the platform is to take a commission.

At present, there are currently two models, which are basically above, or as the rental process independently owned the entire lease process, relying on rent + residual value. Recycling – Purchase Price \”to make profits; either play the role of platform, accommodation, extraction, draw and technical service fees, etc. to achieve profitability.


The rental shop on the Alipay Rentauger platform is not assessed with Taobao merchants. A rental shop boss tells us that business needs to pay a certain service fee year by year.Some small platforms can be stationed for free, but each order platform has a certain rent. \”According to the platform and category, the order platform here is divided into 8%. In addition, there will be some promotion positions, and the merchant can choose the payment registration promotion.\”

Shop The boss said that the role of the platform is mainly two aspects for merchants: First, risk control, the other is the order drainage. The wind control provided by the platform allows the merchant to deliver the delivery to the user, and the order drainage rely on the large flow of Alipay and WeChat itself, providing a portal to the station.

But even with a relatively complete credit system such as sesame credit, merchants are still difficult to grasp the user’s true personal credit. Just like Philippi-Phip-mentioned rent mobile phone cashings, it is also a big hidden danger that the rental platform is facing.

In addition, the embarrassment situation of electronics credit lease is still in the consumers. @ 微 博 Digital has launched a survey on whether you will rent a mobile phone, 93.5% of the participants say that there will be no rent for mobile phones. In September 2015, Apple launched a minimum of $ 32 mobile phone rental sales programs, and then Samsung also launched the Galaxy series of mobile phone rental services in the United States. It is said that US market Apple mobile phone rental income accounts for 10% of total revenue. In China, the transaction volume of the mobile phone rental market is not 1 ‰ of the total mobile transaction. Hu Guangtie said that 6% of the Chinese rental market is much lower than the permeability level of more than 20% of Europe and America.

In fact, the root is final, or the conceptual problem, lease is more preferred to \”enjoy\”, and purchase is \”owned\”. Is a short-lived or permanent, most people may more inclined to the latter.

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