What matters makes money (earning money in criminal law)

easily changed hands

is a hundred percent profit

was so easy to make money

but there really such a good thing?


Recently, Masan police station received the alarm to open the canteen Ma said that he bought the counterfeit cigarettes.


After receiving the report, police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate. By examined by experts found that these are indeed high imitation tobacco smoke, as many as the number of a full 40. \”40 cigarettes a total of more than 10,000, all I asked a friend bought, who knows all false.\” Comes to the source of the smoke, Ma mouth Chen Moucheng the suspects of the case, but Chen now I have not contact.

hey, Ma Chen Why do you want it with smoke. It turned out that Chen Jiaxing, before Ma driven a car factory here, because often buy something, so as time goes by, with Mr. Ma also Jiaoshu. Once, two men chatting in the store, Ma said cigarette sold out, there is no place to ask Chen into the smoke. In order to show their own way wide, Chen promised \”Brother assured, I had a few days to bring you back home.\” Back in Jiaxing, there is no way of roadside casually Chen supermarket to buy a horse to bring tobacco 7,8 bar gentlemen. In this way, they gradually work his way up to 2,3 Ma brought back until the last, Chen brings 40 smoke, because before the band are true, unsuspecting Ma imagined all bought it. The next day, find someone to buy cigarettes when the cigarettes are fake, Ma this Police.


police after careful investigation quickly identified the suspects Chen’s identity and be summoned. \”The caller said the smoke is low and sell high imitation tobacco, more than half the price than the market price.\” According to Chen explained that he saw the sale of cigarettes on the micro-channel advertising platform, it says that cigarette advertising wholesale, Chen hold with the mentality to try adding a micro-channel business, commitments to lower the wholesale price of cigarettes than the market price more than half. Some people rush to buy the one hand, on the one hand it was cheap to sell, blinded by Chen delighted, knowing that counterfeit cigarettes, decided to defy the law. To find ways to make money, because there is no start-up capital, Chen to find their relatives Song, explain the reason with him, the two hit it off, collected more than 5,000 to buy 40 cigarettes, and then sell at market prices by the Chen to Ma. Easily changed hands, they earned more than 5,000. But when two people are still immersed in the \”money\” the joy, the police would find the door.

Currently, Chen, Song suspicion of fraud by the police criminal compulsory measures according to law. The case is still handled them.

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