What to send now to take a lot of money (send out for sale, do not make money)

Everyone said to take the takeaway, I believe everyone will not be strange, whether you have a takeaway or say that you have opened a take-out store, the customer will always feel expensive, but the owner said that it can’t make money. Then let’s take a look at it. Takeaway platform is 19 percent of the dishes of the merchant, while the platform has a minimum dish commission fee. Each single minimum cost is 3.5 yuan. At the same time, takeaway stores also need to attract customers to do a relatively large event.

There is no shortage of monthly income in the takeaemer, and the so-called one-point harvest, and the takeaepers who have more than 10,000 people are naturally not so easy. They need constantly grabbing, and then the fastest speed will be sent to the consumer. When the peak of meals every day, the peers found a place to rest, they were still waiting for the sporadic monobi. Whether it is empty, it is still a wind and rain, they have this day.

360 lines, travel out, as long as you do seriously, remember that my dad said with me \”The road to make money this year\”, doing some spare, some scientific Technology, after all, it is now a \”knowledge of knowledge\”, you can get money, one point of labor and one point!


Of course, it is good, now it is good, as long as it is willing to eat hard, then income is still very considerable!

If the first-tier city runs fast, the monthly revenue reaches 10,000 no problem. The less than 7 thousand about 7 thousand, the less salary, the less developed region. Basically is related to the local economic conditions.

The delivery is relatively hard, and it is more expensive for time requirements. And the work is busy for a few hours, that is, the day’s income is completely dependent on the hours of your eating.


Send takeaway as long as you can eat hard or earn money, I have a friend who is doing the soldier 6, seven pieces of money are definitely able to earn, but It’s really hard, you can’t rest in the wind. Summer sun is sunbarily, winter rain is frustrated, etc., as long as you are not afraid of hard work, you will definitely earn money, you also hope that everyone will understand and respect the exporter. .

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