What tree is the most money in Northeast (what tree is suitable for northeast)

I often encounter friends asking, what tree in the northern yard, what tree in the south.

Obviously, everyone is very interested in what tree in the yard. Today I share 4 blossom trees that are suitable for the South and South courtyard, which is more beautiful, very suitable for the yard planting, and yard Friends must speculate in one or two!

First, Cherry Blossom 4种适合南北方庭院栽种的开花树,有院子的一定要种

Flower deciduous trees, flowers in 4-5 months, spend more white, pink, large variety, the courtyard is suitable to plant Tokyo cherry blossom, Japanese late Sakura, Mountain Sakura and other varieties.


In my country has more than 2,000 years of planting history, the Tang Dynasty has appeared in private courtyards in my country, and then brought back to Japan to Japan after Japan.


Sakura Xiyang, suitable for the south to light the photo, most of the courtyards in most parts of the north can be planted!

Second, Yulan 4种适合南北方庭院栽种的开花树,有院子的一定要种

deciduous trees, flowering, flowers, flowers Two white and purple, white yolland, purple called purple magnolia.


It is the traditional garden floral plant in my country, and there is also more than 2,000 years of planting history!

4种适合南北方庭院栽种的开花树,有院子的一定要种 Magnolia’s sunshine is sufficient, and the yards in major cities in China can be planted.

Third, Haishu


deciduous trees, 4 – May blossom, spend more For white, pink, red, etc.

When flowering, the tree is full of small flowers, full of flowers, very beautiful, very suitable for the southern and northern gardens. 4种适合南北方庭院栽种的开花树,有院子的一定要种

Premier Zhou quickly fought a lot of sea flavor flowers in Zhongnanhai West Flower Hall.

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Deciduous shrub, November to March , Flower golden yellow, fragrance, snoring!


in the floating winter bloom, Yan Han, the snow, a proud bone, showing strong unyielding, brave fearless character, very Suitable for the southern and northern courtyards.

4种适合南北方庭院栽种的开花树,有院子的一定要种 The above four kinds of flowering treesWood, flowering, beautiful tree, no matter how far is near, it is very beautiful, it is very suitable for the main scene of the court, and the friend of the yard must species!

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