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Text | \”Financial\” intern Wang Wei Xinji Xinna

\”The small black hole on the teeth is not a hole It is the ‘Qian Grotto’ \”, seeing dose, is a common feeling of many people.

This experience also happened to Li Xiaoli, a representative of the National People’s Congress, and the part-time Vice-President of the Fortune Federation of Fortune County. She has had a teeth in November 2020, and she is high. The price is high.

She has studied the Feidong County implant market, found that this is a common phenomenon, \”\” A county level under the following hospital, oral treatment outpatient average daily reception of 30, average A planting treatment cost is about 6,000 yuan -20000 yuan. If the whole mouth is equivalent to buying suites in the county. \”

So, at this year’s National People’s Conference, she submitted the \”Suggestions on Standardizing the Tooth Material Fees and incorporating their treatment and service costs\”, proposing \”increasing pairs The development of plants and techniques, reducing the cost of planting teeth, and incorporating planting tooths into the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, to meet the needs of the masses on oral health. \”

For the treatment of teeth, Wang Xiaoyu also has a memory of the bones, and even in the mouthful of dental teeth will hurt. Because of the preferences, the dental caries is serious, there is no timely visit, 2010 Wang Xiaoyu patients with acute pulpitis, have to do root canal treatment. From the molar, the bullion to take the nerve, resettle root canal, Wang Xiaoyu returned root canal treatment to \”Ten Pain Series\”.

After a series of recovery, he knew that he had to spend thousands of tube treatment, which made him sprouted on high school. Dentist idea. At the time, only 16-year-old Wang Xiaoyu heart, the dentist of this profession, earning more money.

Wang Xiaoyu is far-sighted, now the oral treatment price is more than ten years ago, letting the teeth, but not only have a psychological burden of many people, but also economic pressure.

Even in public hospitals, the total cost settlement, personal payment is not cheap. An implantation, if you choose a section of the pure titanium, it takes 10,000 yuan, which is normal, even low market prices in the first-tier cities, and some fees are as high as 30,000.

How much should it spend a teeth? The \”Finance\” reporter survey found that the most important cost is not treated, while the consumables are in the crown implant. In fact, oral medical treatment is not the largest profit, but the profit is much more. Those who seem like a small oral consumable, the complex process behind it, like chain, loop-ring, eachA link has the profit of every link.

A portable teeth, a Tesla

Ms. Liu, a public hospital to Beijing, this is She came four times to come back. From 2018, the queue queued to the first time, she waited for nearly two years. The doctor told her that the six teeth are expected to take about half a year. Recalling the first time, she said, \”Not hurt at all, the doctor’s technique is very professional.\”

Even in Beijing’s public hospital, these six teeth are 100,000 yuan. 100,000 yuan can already be bought a car. Previously, she used to plant teeth in the hometown hospital, only two or three thousand yuan, and finally, her instinct, \”cheap is not good.\”

As the best way tooth repair, the planting system consists of an implant, a plantation and a crown. Simply put, it is to secure the implant on the mandibular bone, act as artificial roots, and then connect through the base with the upper part of the crown.

The cost of tens of thousands of yuan can be said to be the epitome of high value consumables in the oral industry, and it is often become a gathering place for medical disputes in the oral industry.

An oral surgeon for a private oral hospital, in the past, there have been such a patient. The patient needs to grow teeth, but before it has a periodontal problem, it is not easy to plant treatment. After checking, the physician told the patient, and in the case of severe teeth, it was not allowed to plant, and the difficult coefficient is high, and it is necessary to plant a tooth in the teeth.

After nearly four months of treatment, ultimately, the patient’s total treatment cost is nearly 30,000 yuan.

However, the patient has no satisfaction with the effect of the teeth, I feel that this money is not worth the money. She has a dispute with the hospital.

\”Periodic treatment plus implant, the cost is more, the future complications are more difficult, the difficulty is high.\” The above-mentioned oral surgeon told the \”Financial\” reporter, no matter the private hospital Still a public hospital, the reason is not willing to accept this type of patient is that it is too easy to dispute.

As a director of the Beijing Oral Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, Liu Bo Wen also felt that it is worthy of teath, \”it is really expensive, but there is an enabled\”.

Implant is an implantable biomaterial, as a high-tech product, very precise, the price cannot be calculated simply in the number of raw materials. Liu Bowen explained that it is still expensive.

For each implant, it is not only one implant, including a very large number of parts.Such as repair, machine, closed screws. These matching implants need to be developed.

Liu Bo Wen’s Beijing Oral Hospital, the best implant used, the internal package fee of the hospital is 6,000 yuan, plus the operating fee, plus the crown, set down Get 16,000 yuan. Put in the oral market, this price is still cheap.

Dental is not a profiteering industry in the public?

\”Dental is not a profiteering industry in the public. Many invisible costs are intertwined in this industry, everyone wants to be too simple.\” The above-mentioned oral surgeon said.

The quality of dental varieties is in the experience of implants and doctors. The day of the above-mentioned oral surgeon is very complicated. In addition to receiving patients, you have to do treatment programs after get off work, different patients have different complexity, simple treatment programs need to be completed one or two hours, and complex treatment The solution is required to spend nearly four hours, \”I just want to sleep more every day.\”

For most patients, they only see the value of the commodity, but ignore the doctor’s time value. A good dentist needs a long learning and practice to become a qualified professional doctor, and it takes eight years in the previous investment.

From the graduate period, the internship is started. When it is really started to treat, the above-mentioned oral surgeon has been 28 years old, and he has to rive it with high rental pressure in Beijing. Go to work, you have to practice more in the spare time, in other hospitals part-time, \”I just want to have hopes in this city.\”

\”I never chooses the burden of writing programs with instruments, the top doctors are drawn by their own drawings, and then use computer to scan\”. \” The oral surgeon said.

In still on the five grade of the undergraduate five grades, he has been in practice for a new year. When the difficult diagnosis and treatment, she needs to lead the tie teacher. treatment. She told the \”Financial\” reporter, to their own independent visits to graduate from college five years, need to go a long way.

The dental cycle costs, costs of consumables disinfection, the level of the doctor’s costs, profits are hidden dental value. \”Planting is a 1,000 yuan, 100 yuan, 10,000 yuan nothing to do with us, our income is surgery.\” Liu Bo Wen said, \”is a craft of oral earn money.\”

[123 ]

this can also be seen from a study of 2019, the current single dental implant costs between 6000 yuan -22 000 yuan, large price range. Among them, the implant is the core variables. [123

Oral consumables represented by implants, most of the imported products \”monopolize\”, each brand enters China, must obtain production and sales permit.

A person in charge of a private oral chain mentioned that there are many relevance to cut a set of profits generated by a set of implant systems, an intermediate circulation channel agents, and treatment fees, materials Fees, etc., which, the cost prices of implant account for approximately 30% to 40%.

The above studies mentioned that according to the average cost of the single planting tooth 12,000 yuan, the price of implants accounted for approximately 40%, which is the core component of the planting system. Secondly, diagnosis and surgery costs account for 25%.

Among them, public hospitals and private hospitals have different processes in procurement consumables, which will affect the price of consumables, but the overall treatment cost is not large. In the north big mouth, a tooth is about 18,000 yuan, and the private hospital near it is relatively inexhais, but there is also a teeth to spend more than 10,000 yuan.

Public hospitals will take the bidding, procurement, and invoiced processes, and the medical device equipped with it is also higher, so it is slightly higher than the cost of private clinics. The market strategy of the private clinic is a low-cost strategy, with a low threshold, but rent, manpower and other costs, the final price is not low.

In the manager of Anntai Technology Co., Ltd. Every link has the profit of every link, and the entire system can remain reasonably.

I want to occupy the market, the cost is not low

Every tooth must use money to defend, this bubble oral consumable market Brought a lot of valuation space.

A development of industry people who have been in the market operation in the market for nearly ten years, \”Many international students prefer to return to China for 3 months, and they are not willing to go abroad. The pricing of the oral hospital is several times more than the country. \” Most of the domestic use of imported supplies, there is no gap at least on the material.

\”The high price is not necessarily a bad thing.\” Van Deze said. A growing teeth can be kept for 5 – 10 years, the better the better implant, the longer the time.

At present, regardless of the public oral hospital or private, it is very small for domestic brand consumables. It is difficult to replace it. \”This is Liu Baowen assessed the oral consumable market, domestic oral high value The consumables are really available.

In the mouth of the mouth, it is mainly based on oral implant and orally filled repair materials.. The implant imported product accounts for 90%, and the import of orthodontic products account for 70%, and the high-end equipment is basically monopolized by foreign companies.

Not only is a doctor, and the patient is also preferred to import oral consumables. A patient with Northern University Hospital wants to speculate two teeth, and they are deliberately reported to the hospital to ask if the materials used in the teeth are imported materials. \”I have seen it before, the doctor said that a teeth should spend 10,000. I have last asked the tooth, but I didn’t ask the crown.\” The patient said to the \”Finance\” reporter. \”I have to ask, if the crown is domestically, I will not do it here.\”

To know, the world’s largest implant brand Shizonman, in 1999 It has entered the Chinese market. Fan Deng wrote in a research report, 2018 Dental TOP10 companies are foreign companies, accounting for 52% of the global dental market.

The above research report mentioned that China’s implant imported brands are roughly divided into European and American and Japanese and Korean, using the European and American planting monopoly toothing costs about 15,000 yuan, using Japanese and Korean planting The body is around 8,000 yuan.

Europe and America brand occupies high-end markets, target customers are large public hospitals and chain oral medical institutions, and Japanese and Korean brands have a higher price / oral clinic.

Compared with the imported products of the deep population Chinese market, Van Dezheng said that the domestic product has a short period of time, and now it is mainly to follow the strategy. For example, the bioterial of the implant, the development cycle is long, the investment is large, and the domestic implant brand after 2000 will start.

According to the above-described industry research report, there are 15 companies and institutions in China to obtain batch implants, two of which come from Taiwan. The sales volume of these domestic brands is small and small.

These companies will welcome a big market. Ping An Securities Report shows that China has become one of the fastest growing in the world. According to the population of the year and the dental data, the number of Chinese implants is only 182,800 in 2012, reaching 3467 million in 2019, but the penetration rate is only 0.15%, if the penetration rate is increased to 1%, then annual A total of more than 20 million teeth are planted. According to a 10,000 yuan, the implant market has more than 20 billion yuan.

However, brands and technology need high payment, and domestic oral devices want to have a place, still have a long way. Existing mainstream technology is established by imported brands. In terms of technology, domestic brands have difficulty breakthrough, can only follow.

\”The market has been firmly grasped by other imported manufacturers, technology, the price is no advantage, current domestic productsThe competitiveness is not enough.\”Van Dejeng is analyzed for\” Finance \”reporter.

(WANG Xiaoyu is a pseudonym)

Source:\” Finance \”

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