Where do you make money (where to work more, you can make money)

Even in domestic work, you also need to choose the right work according to your own situation. Of course, it is true for abroad. You have to recognize your conditions, such as age, education background, technology, language and learning ability. And with the development, more and more job seekers are now working abroad.


Today, let us briefly introduce how to get a high salary job in foreign work?

If your economic strength is general, your monthly salary is 3,000-5,000 yuan, you have housing loans and car loans, your family has a lot of expenses. You must raise your family. Your family has a total annual income of less than 100,000 yuan. There is no improvement in the short term, you can choose from going abroad.

At this time, work abroad \u003d rapidly get rich.

How about going abroad?

Overseas labor varies from person to person. Not everyone is suitable for foreign work to make money. In other words, economic income, personal situation, personality, capabilities, technology, education, language, vision, etc. will have an impact on overseas labor services.

Working abroad, the primary is the country and work, and the force is effective.

出国打工如何能获得高薪工作? Singapore:

Singapore’s service industry relatively developed, including restaurant, hotel, waiter, cleaners, pastry shops and barriers, and beauty salon , Ordinary workers and technicians, clothing, various factories, various automotive drivers, etc. The cleansing workers have the lowest month salary, about 6,000 left and right, and the monthly salary of other work is about 8000.

Singapore overtime time, overtime salary, no language stress, low requirements, so it has become the most popular destination for Chinese people.


There are many recruitment projects, including food processing, aquatic processing, agricultural product processing, machining, electronic processing, etc., which is a general worker. This work is very simple and there is no technical content. They only need to be willing to suffer. Over the years, Japan’s salary level has always been fixed price, from 8,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan. Overtime pays outside of eight hours of work is also overtime pay.

In Japan, its advantage is that the club management specification is rich in welfare. In addition to the famous research student, there are work visas, second-class scholarships and welfare annuity, which are very cost-effective. Therefore, many people who have arrived in Japan are very satisfied. After returning to China, I want to go again, but the second round is limited to several jobs, can’t ask.

New Zealand:

出国打工如何能获得高薪工作? New Zealand has more types of buildings at work, because there are more local construction projects and higher technical content, such as carpenters , Welder, steel workers, floor mounting workers, etc .; wages are around 15,000-25,000 yuan. Due to high salary, the cost of handling procedures is relatively high.

New Zealand is very low for employees. Aged person can considerNo need to education.However, some work requires experience and prove, such as the chef needs a chef certificate, the original unit’s work certificate, and there is a tape when interview.

It takes a long time to apply for a visa in New Zealand, but the income is high.If you have worked for more than a year, you can take your wife (legal work) and 18-year-old children (free school).People with immigration ideas can consider.

I hope it can help those friends who want to work abroad.People who want to go abroad will not have so many channels at all, and they don’t know where to go.Nowadays, with the development of all, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, most European countries, Australia and African countries.出国打工如何能获得高薪工作?

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