Which is more profitable to open a bus and open a big truck?You will choose these few things.

# 开 大 大 and the big truck which is better #

It is also a year in August, thinking about the driving driver is almost a year. The internship is also here, and the buddies who have added to me are also thinking about the internship exam. The buddies are more than I took this month. The internship examination naturally passed a month. So I thought that I had taught him some experience. This is nothing, after all, when you learn the car, it is more familiar. Later, we were talking about the problem of increasing driving, this is benevolent, and the wise is wisdom.


A small driver’s license, perhaps only one tool for driving, maybe some people eat rice bowl.

Because this test is B, the next increase is definitely an increase. However, the A1 and A2 have the purpose of use. In fact, when I chat with him, my brother has always wanted to increase A2. why? Because the buddy is now pulling the goods, it is to get it with Iveco in the city, and it may be familiar with this industry. So I have been thinking about A2, I feel that A2 a month’s income will be higher. And Xiaobian feels that if it is driving, an A1 may be better.

开大客车和开大货车哪个比较赚钱?看懂这几条其实你就会选择了 The threshold for the freight industry


Let’s talk about the threshold for the freight industry before the driving! Whether it is a passenger or freight, these two industries have a certain threshold. The first is that you have a corresponding driver’s license, this is a must. Then it is the qualification certificate, this is also a test. The freight industry should test the qualification certificate of the freight industry, but the new regulations have canceled the freight qualification certificate of the blue brand truck. That is to say that the blue brand small truck can pull the goods as long as there is a driver’s license. But for the big car, I have to take the corresponding qualification certificate to pay.

What is engaged in freight


In fact, you can see a lot of videos online, it is a truck driver. Especially some female drivers. In fact, the industry is not so bad. But you have to have a certain amount of money. If you have taken A2, I finally drive the company, then don’t take it. Because you make not much money. Basically, you will have a monthly salary. Furthermore, the current transportation department is much strict than the big truck. This is also a lot of A2 driver’s headache, and it is not good to drop. This is also very troublesome. There is also a driving car when I just took the A2 driver’s license, and I have to pass the trailer after the internship period. This is also very troublesome.

Engaged in passenger transport


There are two ways to open the bus and the truck, not someone else. A2 is open, A1 is responsible. Therefore, for those who engage in passenger transport, they are safe to serve their guests. And the passenger car is basically working, working for some car companies. Income, naturally more than those who open large truckspeople.But living conditions is better than those people.Generally speaking, you will see those who open large trucks are eating in the car, but the driving bus will basically don’t do this.


So, it is the most correct choice for choosing to fit it. If you can eat this bitter, then pull the goods.If you think more to be more comfortable, then open a bus, relatively decent.

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