Which mobile game can make money (which one can make money)


Who is the most profitable mobile game? Some people are sure to say \”the glory of the king\”, or the \”lol mobile game\” just launched, and there are many \”Peace Elite\”, and NetEase’s new \”Harry Potter: Magic Awakening\” and Second Yuan Dynasty \” The original God \”, the final suspense is still revealed, the latest issue of China’s mobile game in October 2021 China’s mobile game revenue list, released the latest announcement.

谁是最赚钱的手游?原神1年300多亿吹出来的?排名还不如梦幻西游 The top ten games are \”King Glory\”, \”LOL Hand Tour\”, \”Peace Elite\”, \”Harry Potter: Magic Awakening\”, \”Dream Journey \”,\” Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition \”,\” Dou Luo Continental Soul \”,\” Original God \”,\” One Thunder \”,\” Golden Shovel Battle \”. These ten games have four from the penguins, two from Netease, one from Miha, and three games belong to Sanqi Interaction, the Interaction and Thunder game.

In fact, the first place is not big. After all, the \”King’s Glory\” has always been in the best in the user group. At this point, everyone should guess, just I didn’t expect to have a game that stands in the list. This is \”Fantasy Westward Journey\”. The IP of this game comes from the end, and it has been born during the year, and it has been eighteen years. I didn’t expect the vitality of Fantasy Westward Journey not only until the year. There were still many players in the end, and even mobile games were very popular. Of course, the second-year-old young, and the uncle before 80, the consumption capacity still has a gap, only this reason is explained! 谁是最赚钱的手游?原神1年300多亿吹出来的?排名还不如梦幻西游

\”The original god\” from Miha is disappointing, this game is only to eightth, you must know that this can be a second yuan mobile game Brother, such ranking is really a big mistake. It can be seen that the current market is currently a certain gap with other classes, but the \”original god\” burst is a certain inspiration to major game manufacturers. Although the second yuan mobile game market is not particularly large, it cannot give up, and the most important overseas market is very popular. In addition to \”original God\”, there are other excellent second-dollar works, such as \”Bi Blue Route\”, \”Zero Front\”, which \”blue route\” is also five years ago.


The style of \”Bi Blue Route\” is also comparable to secondary yuan style, and it is delicate in the style. Although the \”Zero Bat\” has not been online, it has also had a certain influence in the sun. The game has its own stand-alto style. The integration of weapons and equipment is full of efforts. Everyone can see that every \”zero war\” person, the characters and weapons are very matched, for this effect of the painters, integrate the game into the characters, this is still to give the master.

谁是最赚钱的手游?原神1年300多亿吹出来的?排名还不如梦幻西游, such as the dragon fighter of the above figure, this is a fighter from China. In order to reflect the will of the dragon fighter, we see the historical people are a red dress.The little sister, there is a high-spirited domineering, a red machine behind him, and there is a close proximity with the Dragon twice, in short, the \”zero front\” is on the stand, and it is a special feature.!

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