Why do people who choose to rent a water purifier more and more?I know that these points can save much money.

Now there are many water purifiers in the water purple market, and the water purple market has adopted water purifier rental model, which makes more consumers favor this sales business model because it can not only give consumers. And the benefits of enterprises can also make those who worry about subsequent costumes to water purifiers. In fact, the water purifier rental model is a good product sales model.


If the traditional water purifier sales model is compared, it will find that many unexpected things. Benefits, let’s first spend three problems of traditional water purifier sales model:

1. Subsequent maintenance costs continue to increase

In fact, Which water purifier we buy is still What products, it will generate subsequent maintenance costs after using it for a while, and the longer use, the more subsequent maintenance costs will be.

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2, water purifier daily maintenance

We buy water purifier As long as the time is used, there are fewer fault problems in the next few days. In the daily maintenance process of water purifiers, the corresponding maintenance costs are also expense, and the cost of replacing the filter element each season, the higher the frequency of the water purifier, the more the number of subsequent maintenance will, then the cost will also In constant increase.

3, it will face the risk of depreciation of water purifiers

There will be a user who uses water purifiers three to five years, it will face the water purifier they use. It is necessary to update the upgrade, and the risk of users in the face of register devices is also uncommon, and the depreciation means that their cost cost is also increased.

With the traditional water purifier sales model, the water purifier rental mode can bring unexpected benefits to each company and consumers: [ 123] 为什么现在选择租赁净水器的人越来越多?知道这几点能省很多钱 1. Price concessions

Water purifier rental mode When the user is lease, the cost of the water purifier equipment lease is only 1/3 of the purchase of water purifiers.

2, which effectively reduces the expenditure

From your water purifier and the purchase of water purifiers, the charger water has a daily rental fee of each year. Fixed, and users can effectively estimate the costs required for several months later, such as replacement of filter, maintenance and maintenance. And each user can upgrade according to its own actual situation, and it is no longer necessary to invest a lot of money.

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3, after-sales service

Buying or leaseing water purifier after-sales service is a very important ring, relative to a thoughtful, service fast after-sales will be favored by consumers, and will be more easier to win the market.Haoze water purifier rental mode is free to install free, free maintenance, free replacement filter.为什么现在选择租赁净水器的人越来越多?知道这几点能省很多钱 While the water purifier rental mode, it is a new marketing model in the competition market in the past few years, and the water purifier itself is a very strong product, on the one hand, can be reduced for the dealerThere is a burden on inventory, on the other hand, it can also make the user rest assured to use.

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