Why is Korean young people transfer luxury?Korean media: House prices have skyrocketed, they spend money on something that can be enjoyed

What happened to Korean young? According to South Korea Media, \”EDAILY\” reported, French brand Chanel’s fourth price increase last month, but South Korea department store is still crowded with customers who want to buy, and this is a young man. In the context of the epidemic, why is Korean young people who don’t lift their necessities, but have a unique moment to luxury? This triggers a big discussion of Korean society.

The report quoted Bloomberg on the 15th report said that even in the new chalkhood of the new chalkhood, South Korea did not have the case of buying life necessities. On the contrary, Koreans develop new habits that queue in the department store in the department store. In order to purchase 10 million won (1000 won a 5 yuan of RMB), some Koreans began to queue in the early hours of the morning.

The report believes that Koreans are keen to buy luxury goods and have a lot of reasons for retaliating consumption. First, the viral spread has led to a limited overseas shopping, and people began to turn this part of the consumption to domestic luxury goods, which makes the suppressed shopping to vent it in this way. According to the statistics of a market investigation company, the scale of Korean luxury consumption increased by 4.6% from the previous year, reaching $ 14.2 billion. Chanel has only 9 stores in South Korea, but its sales in Korea last year accounted for 8.5% of total sales. The report also believes that Chanel’s marketing strategy has induced the needs of young people. Since October this year, Chanel is preparing to implement restrictions on some products, and will continue to raise product prices next year, which makes some people think that this is not a product that can be easily bought. The product’s scarce is stimulating consumers. want.

In addition, the article also believes that the housing price of the skyrocket is one of the reasons why the second or thirty-dozens of young people are passionate about buying luxury goods. According to the report, since Korean housing prices have skyrocketed, some young people may feel that they can never buy a house. Therefore, they will put the accumulation flowers in the horse. Li Enxi, Professor of Renyou, said: \”They can only live once. ” Anyway, can’t afford the house, buy luxury goods’ mentality, big waves on luxury goods.\” Some Korean young people still Put the purchase of luxury goods as a stable investment – this year, some classic packages have risen by 30%. Hai Zhimin (transliteration) working in a law firm is 30 years old, she said: \”I should really buy a Chanel bag a few years ago, rather than investing money in stock.\”

Source: Global Net

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