Why is there almost no business in the tea shop in the street?

Source: Qianqiu Wangee

Why no one in the tea store is not going to close?


I believe that many people have such a question: the tea shop in the street alley looks cold and clear, why not do it?

Tea profits

为什么街边的茶叶店几乎没什么生意 One is the price opaque. The price of tea is actually a mystery, a bit similar to the price of jade, there is a price of gold, in fact, this sentence is used to describe tea, it is also possible. Take ordinary Pu’er tea, you can buy a cake dozens of money, but expensive Pu’er tea, a cake selling hundreds of thousands are normal, but few people can say The doorway, it is good or bad, only those so-called tea masters can say, so this price is opaque for the average person, the price is opaque, even if she sells high, no one knows, so the profit is high .

Second, cost low price is high. In fact, the production cost of tea is still relatively low, because these years have large yield, but the price is also the same as the year, so that the output has increased, the price has increased, so the profit is more and more. In fact, these years have high prices, great and hypere, the price of fried tea makes tea gradually increases, the most famous is the so-called small can tea, the cost is like that, but the price is high. Moreover, the tea is also like wine. Nowadays, the price of old aged tea is also growing, which means that the tea leaves can not be sold, but will make more profits more, as long as the preservation is good, it is low, the price is high, the price is high, the price is natural It is high.

为什么街边的茶叶店几乎没什么生意 Those who have special time demand, although the audience is relatively single, but the tea belongs to a \”high-end\” product, often the first choice for gifts. Often during the festival, you need to give your elders, or leaders, bosses, etc., tea also becomes a good choice. To a certain extent, send tea as a gift, which means that the people who have the gifts are generally experienced, and there is a person with identity. After all, it’s not everyone who can understand tea, and such a gift is more likely to be accepted. Therefore, in the usual, people who go to the tea shop may be very small, but in some holidays, the business of the tea shop is quite good, and the tea shops of most tea shops are \”high-end\” products, so the price is relatively high, profit is also It is relatively high.

In addition, today’s tea store sales channels have also present a diverse phenomenon, but many tea stores are not only on the line sales, but many tea stores have launched online sales, some tea shop online stores, sales The amount is still more considerable, after all, there are many people like online shopping, so the online sales will also bring some income to the tea shop.

In addition to online sales, the tea shop will cooperate with some companies. For example, many companies may host some old customers.The feedback activity, they may also need to buy a large number of tea, used to give old customers.Or when the company gives a customer gift, you may also choose tea when you give a gift. Since the tea is relatively expensive, many companies may also choose from a long-term cooperation with a tea shop.

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