Woman who dislikes men to earn money (men who are discarding women will not make money)

In 2022, it started.

In many people’s new year, make money, all three of the important goals.

No matter which year, we must always go to life, make money.

\”The Ideal States of Wealth\” said that the money is not all life, and even if you can’t guarantee you will live a happy life, but a certain amount of money can create a solid life for happiness. The basics.

What kind of wealth goals do you need to give yourself?

What kind of belief is to achieve a goal step by step?

In 6 wealth laws, you can reshape your money concept and find the road to achieve your goals.

Subscription 1: No one can have wealth, you need only effort

Richard · Tyopler believes that the most love of wealth is not to discriminate against anyone.


It doesn’t care about your skin and height, don’t care about what you are in, don’t care about your parents, or even don’t care about your position.

No matter what the life is like yesterday, there will be a new beginning today. Like other people, you have the right and opportunities for more rewards.

Because wealth does not know who is in controlling it, I don’t know what qualifications of these people, I don’t know what ambitions they have, where is the class.

Wealth does not have ears, no eyes, no perception, they are lifeless, no feelings, just waiting for people to use, consume, store, invest, and compete, you are still other People don’t matter.

Observing those rich people, they have no common point.

Some people are polite, and some people have rude;

Some people have high degree, and some people do not know;

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Some people are not good, and some people are born.

A person’s poor roots are the environment, background, and education they are in. If you have the opportunity to live in a relatively safe and comfortable environment, you can learn to make money, they have the power of wealth.

2: Understand your money and its source

From small to big, we have heard various statements about money, they constitute our subconscious money, you believe Are these common perspectives?

Money is the source of evil; money is very dirty; only greed and unhanging talents will want to make money; money will corrode people; if there is money, you will lose friends , The more you have, the more you want; there is no money, there are many troubles, and there is a good thing …

赚钱的6大法则,越早知道越好 Learn your own money concept, write them in paper On, and think about why you have such views.

It is a conclusion that you have been carefully, rational analysis, deepening after research, or you accept the idea from others after hearing?

Abandon those views of obvious mistakes, forget those thinking that blocks you, dragging your legs, stopping you from making money.

赚钱的6大法则,越早知道越好 Exclude distractions, do things you can do now.

Law 3: Learn about the relationship between wealth and happiness

Do you have a happy?

How much is it happier?

We can be sure, money is too small to make your life pain, too much money is also; no work will make your life fall into empty and empty, work too much meeting.

So, whether a person is not rich, his life may have misfortune.

Once, obesity, intestinal cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc.

If you want to use money to make yourself younger, more fun, more handsome, destined to be disappointed.

Some people who have a lot of lottery spend money to buy a big house, but they abandon relatives and friends, life is not happy.

There are also business universities who have failed to end their lives. They think that unknown people are more difficult to face more than death.


Wealth is actually placebo, no treatment effect.

The best attitude towards wealth is to lower the expectations of wealth, don’t bring your own happy mentality without spending money.


Summary from small start

There is a paragraph, \”If I know that money is so important, I will save money from kindergarten.

The accumulation can be much more, the sooner the importance of deposit money, the easier it, the easier it, the easier ital, and it will make it a natural habit.

The money got every month, leaving a part as a storage, according to its own income and overhead, determines a specific \”amount\”, 50%, or 20%, even if it is 10% have no relationship.

Every time, you will find that you have a \”super savings account\”, you can use your pension account, your personal savings account or other account.

The habit of deposit is not to make money, tell your child early, and the pocket money can save half, spend half, they will have their own independent account.

French 5: Treating themselves with others

Make money, and the final is \”selling Ourselves, your time, labor, service, product …

I want to make money, we must have something that others are eager to buy on you, then, serious, To measure yourself, let you know how others look at themselves, what changes you need to do can make yourself make more money. 赚钱的6大法则,越早知道越好

Your professional ability, personality, politeness, attitude, absence, integrity, communication skills, language organization level, whether to deal with work is efficient, is it possible to get colleagues or customers? Trust, etc., you need to seriously think about everything related to \”personal brands\”.

can make you earn money, you must be your own, you don’t need to disguise A person’s thing.

If a job, a business can make you show unique, sincere personality, then it will have to bring you wealth. 赚钱的6大法则,越早知道越好

Subsidiary to buy and spend money

Wealth obtained by working hard, It will be very cautious when using wealth.

理 的 有人 不 随 \u200b\u200b随 随 随 就 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 则 家 家Accept the first offer; the same function, more views some products, ensure you don’tWill waste.

The money is easy to make money, we can spend more than a hard work in an instant, so it should be cautious in the problem of money.

This is not refusing to enjoy life, but it is only necessary to have necessary waste when consumption.

We are easily influenced by advertising. If a commodity color is bright, you can make a sound, you can create a quality life atmosphere, we will be attracted.

After buying down, open the packaging, will soon get tired.

If you want to accumulate more wealth, you have to control your consumption impulse.


How to accumulate wealth is a reward game, everyone’s goals are rushing to the end, get the award .

Some people are not willing to start because they are being dragged down by too many useless beliefs;

Some people fell down after lazy and starting On the side of the road;

There are still people who have been difficult to scare on the road, they have not come to the end;

can rush to the end point, There is only a small part.

\”Positive Psychology\” Sierragman once said: Happiness is not results, but a power, the most lasting happiness is facing everything, you will have \” I can \”feel. 赚钱的6大法则,越早知道越好

The happiness of making money is this, which makes you can have \”I can\” self-confidence and the bottom when you face you want.

May your 2022, foot, earth, make money, and live seriously.

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