Woman who dislikes men to earn money (men who are discarding women will not make money)

# 男 会 会 女 女 女 女 女 女 不 不 #

Most boys will disappoint women’s houses.

Women who are not familiar with the family, their parents will not make money, have not pension, and the brother’s woman. This kind of family parents are old, and the daughter needs to help the medical expenses when they are sick. The younger brother marriage needs to be a man who is helping. It is a man who is too tired.

The boy who will not be displays, there is no such thing in the same conditions, the family is better.


Once you have encountered the same conditions, the family is better, it will turn around to leave a woman who will not leave the family, and go to the family better woman.

If you have heard it in life: Marriage is not involving two people, involving two family owners.

In marriage, men are afraid to encounter their own demon.

The volvender magic is a woman who is a family. Her family is even giving his son, and his wife’s ability, there is no daughter who rely on marriage.

男孩会嫌弃女方家境不好吗 When such a woman, don’t want a woman to put your mind to build a small family, she wants to transfer her small family to buy a house, marry Wife.

Because each family’s wealth is limited, the money is used to buy a wedding room to the little sister, and his son has no wedding room.

The man is a woman who is very annoying. This kind of woman is unclear, even if she is, I don’t know, how many years have been married, I think I have a mother.

If a man finds a good family, a woman’s parents have a pension, which will make money, and the mother is basically not bother to marry the daughter, and even give her daughter. Some property. 男孩会嫌弃女方家境不好吗

After marriage with such a woman, there is a small survival pressure. There are no more troubles to provoke family contradictions, let two people quarrel.

In fact, people are married with rich people, and there are fewer marriages in the rich and small stress. People don’t want to marry the poor, too poor days.

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