Women have to earn money by their own statement (describe women to make money by their own money)

Whenever we must work hard, try hard, when everything is not what you want, at least you still have a lot of money.


You are desperate to make money, although there is some wolf, but you are really beautiful, it is really beautiful!


We wish to work hard to make it what you want, do not lose talents, do not lose wisdom, lose if there is no sense of crisis, always believe in the world is the most beautiful, Give yourself a back road, try hard to earn money, try hard!

女人,努力工作,努力赚钱,你想要的都会有 Woman makes money not necessarily responsibility, but it is definitely dignity, maybe you don’t lack money, maybe some people are willing to raise you, but a job brings you. Not just wealth, but practical, strive to deposit to your own sense of security.

Not only must I work hard, but I have to go to the kitchen in the hall. Going to work, I will go all out to get off work, and the family work is incorrect. 女人,努力工作,努力赚钱,你想要的都会有

I hope that you will enjoy the true feelings of spending money, taste the sacred, happy life, and hoped a fortune in the hands of a fortune. Splendly in the sun, strong in the wind, the best three words are: relying on yourself!

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