Women make money is too cool.

When the girl, the family conditions can be, it is also very greedy, and the money is also big hands. When I go to school, I will overdraw a lot of money, I bought some impulsive, I don’t have a month, I will give it up for it. Of course, there is also a side of self-confidence. I always feel that I will add trouble to others, I can’t make it, I haven’t earned any money, I still have a lot of it in the dormitory, and I will eat enough to eat enough, I graduated ~ Oh, Intermediate Test Rural Credit Cooperative, I haven’t passed the interview, or the roots are wrong, there is no goal, no motivation, our dormitory is a parent, I said, I don’t know what to do all day.

13 years I started to work, it is also awkward. In addition to buying clothes, I have to travel out, I have not worried about it, I can do it, I can do it, I have to go to blind date, a family condition is very good, ask me? What do you usually do? Will it be financial? I am still stupid, I haven’t thought that I can really think that he will ask me to make a fortune, he wants to ask me to plan, there is no professional planning.


Later, there was a daughter, I like her very much, I think she is particularly cute, I want to do something for her, what can I do? From last year to this year, I started serious, nothing, I found out how to work hard, improve my business ability, I know that I have insufficient ability, I have been lazy before, but I learned confidence in this middle, when I meet I also have a say, now I will buy things, but I can earn it back, the whole person is also a lot of spirit, I can do a lot of confidence, but I can do something for my family, not thirty a few or inologior, not How much money is good, but you can focus on the process of making money, more free, more free, more and more like yourself, in the next year, I want to continue working hard, continue to learn, more The farther


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