Women open the clothing store to earn money? \”How much can you earn a clothing store?

Friends, your liability?

How to turn over after liabilities? It should be the most concerned about every liability!

The answer has only one: entrepreneurship! Continue startup!

Hui Ge said that things gave you a good idea of \u200b\u200bentrepreneurship, there is always a suitable for you!

Be sure to see the final, there will be big gains, interested, please visit the collection, convenient to look and study at any time.

32岁小姑娘负债30万,创业开服装店,一年净收入150万 32-year-old girl opened service shop, two-year liabilities 300,000

Wang Qian is a boss of a clothing store, 32 years old this year. Entrepreneurship alone, opened a clothing store in Guangzhou. Just start selling children’s wear, business is not booming. Later, sold men’s clothes, or not. Changed women’s clothing, business is still not good.

Friends say that clothing stores must know how to manage, they will not operate, they will join chain stores. Headquarters will have unified training, and the pledged clothing can not be taken, they will only make no compensation.

So Wang Qian loans have 300,000, and started the secondary entrepreneurship. Among them, 250,000 federation fees, 50,000 dollar laid margins. In this way, Wang Qian suddenly became a liability who had more than 20,000 loans per month.

Because it is expensive to complete the loan, more than 20,000 income per month, only enough to return, there is no balance at all.

Later, she found me and planned a promotion plan for the clothing store. The net income was 1.5 million.

What do you want to know? Just use this trick: send cash drainage locks.

With this trick, the clothing store earned 1.5 million a year 32岁小姑娘负债30万,创业开服装店,一年净收入150万 Buying clothes to send cash, have you seen it? Specifically, this is the case:

Any consumer enters the store, no matter if you buy clothes, as long as you spend ten yuan to do a member card, the boss will pay 1000 yuan to the Carrier. And on the spot, a pair of socks worth 10 yuan, consumers will not refuse.

You guess you will ask here, will this not pay money?

In fact, 1,000 yuan in the membership card can be used in cash. For example, every time you come to the clothing store, you can use 20% of each consumption amount, which is equivalent to playing a 20% discount to the customer.

1000 yuan in the membership card, is a number for the boss of the clothing store. But for consumers, it is a thousand yuan in cash. And the cost of the double socks is only two dollars, not only can drain, but also earn eight pieces.

This strike has locked the long-term return of customers. At least five hundred people charge each time, using this model, it is very easy to earn 1.5 million.

Today’s entrepreneurial project, have you learned?

The liabilities are not terrible, fear is the pressure of the liabilities, the pressure of the liabilities, the stupid, chaos, like no headFly, I don’t know what it is.

32岁小姑娘负债30万,创业开服装店,一年净收入150万 In order to rush to turn over, the eyes of the identification of things were lost, and some opportunities that they could not make money, failed, and the snow was added.

I wish all the liabilities of friends, find the entrepreneurial project suitable for you, soon turned over.come on!

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Piszing, continue to share entrepreneurship turning over a good project!

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