Workplace first-line: installer’s professional literacy and career development

In the network, there are often young people to ask questions, and there is no job in junior high school. Some people often doubt, what is the use of learning, and when answering their questions, I will always tell them that you can also engage in installation.

The enterprise installer, including construction installation, equipment installation, door and window installation, etc., is one of the most needed positions in the workplace. In fact, it is also a more important position in the future Chinese corporate blue collar.

Decorative decoration does not open it, corporate relocation and new construction are inseparable from it, regardless of the process of social development, such positions will exist.

It is said that it is low, and it is not the case. So, what kind of professional literacy, working environment and growth space do you need?

Installer’s health professional literacy 职场一线:安装工的职业素养与职业发展 Don’t underestimate this profession, and your talents require the installation work must have a complete health, whether it is electrical installation, or a heavy equipment installation, or an enterprise Equipment mechanical installation and building installation, the body of the installation worker must be lever.

Can not be afraid, can not halo, can not be three high, can not be affordable, can’t be too obese, can not be weak, five is unsatisfactory.

Introduction to enterprising, there must be some must-have. Under safety awareness, no matter how high-altitude homework is still, it is not possible to lack the mounting of the installer, healthy 100% is the necessary requirements for installation workers.

It can be seen that if you continue to do installers, you will lose your health means losing your sources of life. I want to make much more, but also rely on the commission, more labor is a label of the installer.

Installation work must work hard, the ability

The installation work is not a rice bowl that low energy can easily end, and the future workplace installation work must practice. Installation and overhaul requires synchronous learning, in order to develop space. 职场一线:安装工的职业素养与职业发展

The installation work is different, and it is generally only necessary to serve as a service, and the necessary installation work can only have a certain ethics and show a certain intelligence, and the mind will have the opportunity to transition. To the installation and maintenance synchronization operation.

So find a breakthrough in work opportunities and pay attention to discovering customer needs in work, and it is quite important to get growth.

Many real estate companies and construction-related enterprises are installed in most of them with maintenance and maintenance. Generally do not have a full-time training study, but it must be in the process of dealing with work, there is an opportunity to generate exercise capabilities. As long as you work hard, you will be able to accumulate experience.

How to get growth and innovation

The installation work is extremely easy, and many people can transform from the installation sequence to become a project manager or installation captain.

职场一线:安装工的职业素养与职业发展 The process of growth is simple, learning system, process, tool, method. The system process should be written back, it is true; the tool is the document, document, form processing, saying that simple is not simple, saying that the cumbersome kung fu can learn.

The most important thing is that the growth of installation workers must learn to understand all kinds of drawings, including planes, CAD drawings, and various types of electrical drawings to learn.

I want to get a growth, and the installation work will strive to be in the process, and the time to take the adult secondary school or the university is the cornerstone of success. If you want to go forward, you must learn about administrative personnel and financial knowledge.

The installation workers improve the empties to improve the professional level. In the premise of safety management, the installation workers are the window that is dealt with customers and customers, and the corporate brand building is in installation. It is often overlooked, and in the future, the literacy of the installation worker must be a focus on the industry.

China’s company’s blue-collar era, the position of installation workers will be more and more attention. Front-end training, unity, safety management, customer management must be successfully advanced.

It is still a young man in the early high school, must grab a high level, especially the future intelligent process rapidly, equipment installations management and equipment operation management must need technology knowledge, now in this line. People must prepare early. 职场一线:安装工的职业素养与职业发展 Otherwise, the rice bowl may be presented. In the development, the age advantage is no longer reflected, if the knowledge reserves are different, there is no possibility of unemployment without developing in the management space and direction.

Imagine that there is a foreign engineering engineering to participate in the installation, can you? The installer is not as simple as moving and looking for it. It is never a problem that it can be solved by the upward load.

Some people have college students in the express delivery industry, and postgraduates also accept can’t, and the installation workers in the future, may also be the profession of high thresholds.

Future education is to improve the literacy of the whole people, but also in hesitation of installing workers who have stopped learning, be sure to play early, and can learn hard in our youth, and charge it in time.

Otherwise, you are engaged # installation # work, you can only do tens of salary on hundreds of salary per day, and the same installer can get the salary than the management position, it is too late. Late late … 职场一线:安装工的职业素养与职业发展

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