Xinjiang, my true experience, the partner seeing the benefits of the old age to make a lot of money

After I left, my grandfather had a completely over three months. This is to listen to Xiao Cao tells me.

November day noon, Xiao Cao called me, asked me that I was not in Urumqi, saying that my grandfather has fly, he took a group of trains in the Township to return to the hometown tomorrow, It is too difficult to eat on the construction site, it is too difficult to eat, I want to eat some new Xinjiang characteristics, otherwise I will go back to ask to ask Xinjiang’s good to eat. There is nothing to brag. I took them to the Uighurs restaurant of Shanxi Alley, dotted rice, roast bag, yogurt (sugar itself, not sugar is too sour) telling him, eat less, taste authentic grab, take you again The second bridge is eating a pit meat and cylinder. When Xiao Cao sat, I had to try the red Wusu. I didn’t expect a bottle to give him a lot. I didn’t drink two bottles. I can’t do it.

新疆 这些年我的真实经历,合伙人见利忘义 老甲赚得盆满钵满

Please take a few hundred yuan to eat, but I have an idea. I want to ask their technology and experience. I look at old armor who digs gold to make money. Really addictive, more than 100,000 yuan of income, sometimes go to the bottom of the sand, tens of thousands of income a day, the photo is small Czech to me, one of them, one day, the results of the bottom of the sand, 2196 Gram, according to their algorithm 1 gram of mercardries can have 0.7 grams of pure gold, there must be 1537 grams of pure gold, what concept, 1 kg and a half gold (Xinjiang buying things), is 3 pounds gold, press at the time The market price is 250 yuan / gram, worth more than 380,000, and every day, the boss does not work, only supervision, if it is you, can you not move? It’s too easy to earn money, I am thinking about Xinjiang mineral resources so good, I am familiar with the Northern and Northern Xinjiang and Kunlun Mountain, Tianshan and Altai Mountain, more experience with them, etc. I have the capital. I want to do this.

Xiao Cao said that gold is really good, after removing expenses, they and herders a half of them, a family can be tens of thousands of dollars, which can be more than ten thousand. Later, her herders were red, I feel that there is a loss, what is the things you dug under his pasture, start looking for a variety of excuses to stop production, once a cow is drowning, 说 牛 肚There is a calf, the Maverick can still renew the calf, do not pay 100,000 do not let the work, and finally stopped for three days, the boss didn’t see it. During the two days, I took this cow money out, I gave people Losing 100,000. If you want to pay for money, you will kill the cattle and eat the meat. I didn’t expect to pay 100,000 yuan. The herders a said that the cattle is still him.

新疆 这些年我的真实经历,合伙人见利忘义 老甲赚得盆满钵满

There were no blocked, saying that the five-five books were unfair, and it is necessary to change the division to him to accounted for 70%, and the old one accounts for 30%. Old Jiaxin thought that the money was coming early, and earned money, and then, there is not much mu far, it can be dug, and they will barely agree. At the end of the project, the herders a also said that my pasture dugned, and the livestock didn’t graze. The animals were almost grazing, to pay me 300,000 losses, or yoursThe equipment is not going, the old says that the reservoir is overwhelmed, and where to grow grass, her herders a said that I have no matter what it is, anyway, there is no grass.Xiaoxuan said that the equipment is old, no worth 300,000, and finally the old armor did not have to make a gold equipment, and did not compensate for her herders a.I asked him that the boss was earned or lost, and Xiao Cao said that it is about 30 million pure earnings.(Ivitating 3 end) Laojia and Big B later rented my car, and they also said later.I am writing while recalling, I am not jumping, I can only go in time.Gold is a bit more, we change a topic, the next personal experience is the story of Tianshan to save hiking friends.

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