Xue Song: The core concept of making money under the fund group

Xue Song believes that the current market is a yin yong’s volatile market. In addition to the GEM, the GEM’s fingerboard indicator stocks are gaining, and the GEM The big ticket performance is very good. The indicator stock push index rose. Many investors suffered a lot of money in December, many stocks have fallen relatively large, but the index fluctuations are not large, and the varieties of the index are better.


Xue Song chat market opportunity

The funds continue to be hug, the big ticket continues to be held, in the future, the stock is mainly investment, savings moving, stocks are not for Selling, can’t sell, everyone is a winner, can’t be honored, once concentrated, the market is the emperor’s new clothes, where is the money? Wealth is rich in paper, but cannot be honored. Now the funds are rising, can’t put, and the group has risen. Don’t look at Moutai’s rising, no use, because no one is sold. No one is in the bubble, some people have done it. Now the low stocks, a lot of total valuation is still reasonable, this year, the stocks doubled this year have continued to rise, and they have to come back.


To know where his own problem is, the solution is not to go, how to do the most thinking Excellent is very difficult, but how to do it against thinking is unsuccessful, reverse thinking is a lot of successful thinking. Edison makes light bulbs, many people think that they are inspirational stories, failing, then there is still no way to do filaments. In fact, in Edison’s thinking, it is very serious about telling you that the materials in the world are tested once. If it can’t, it will not be possible. Try the material in the world, it can succeed, and give up.

Buffett most wants what is going to die, if you know where you will die, you will never go. Why don’t you take a reverse road, it is ok, first find the way to pay the money, and let the road to lose money, then you will get a close time.

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(Editor: Sun Ming)

This article is for reference only, according to this, risk borne. The stock market is risky and cautious in entering the market.

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