Yang Xiaonai adhering to the family \”Red Overseas Chinese History\” and returning to the power of the hometown for 70 years.

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Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the Chinese children at home and abroad Dream. In the past 70 years, Zhejiang property has overseas overseas Chinese, unforgettable, courageous mission, dare to act, enthusiasm to support China’s construction, reform, and promote the development of the Chinese nation, promote the peaceful reunification of the motherland, and promote the people of the Chinese people. Cooperation made an important contribution and wrote a song of patriotic songs.

Magnificent 70 years, the new era of struggle. This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, \”Zhejiang\” magazine jointly launched \”the power of the Forgive forces · 70 years · 70\” \”large-scale series of characters, creating a celebration of the motherland, sharing great glory, co-casting revival The strong atmosphere of greatness.

Today, the seventh report is launched, the protagonist is the Honor of the Tongxiang Association of Ecuador, Qingtian.

She 23-year-old passed the sea, only in Germany, Yu Ecuador, founded \”F \u0026 AMP; U\” footwear brand and became a well-known brand in South America. Everyone likes to call her \”Ecuador Rose\”, but she describes her \”grass\”, which is the most ordinary, but it also contains the most powerful vitality, \”thousands of flowers and hundreds of youth\”, no matter where it is, it is a vitality.

Yang Xiaodai, Zhejiang Qingtian Shengshan Township, the girlhood is engaged in stone carving art. In 1991, I followed my family to start a business in Germany. In 2002, I was engaged in domestic trade and founded \”F \u0026 AMP; U\” clothing footwear brand, 2009 The year led the Ecuador Qingtian Tongxiang Association, the president, the Honorary President, leading the members to actively integrate the mainstream society in the local area, and improve the local competitiveness of Chinese goods.

杨小爱 秉承家庭“红色侨史”精神 回馈家乡 奋进的力量 70年70侨

Red Overseas Chinese Life Color

123] Yang Xiaodian, born in the overseas Chinese family, said that the grandfather is always full of admiration and pride. Yang Xiaodian’s grandfather Yang Qi has went to the former Soviet Union, and after the country’s involved revolution, he made his own contribution to the establishment of New China. In the 1950s, the former Soviet leader Herrushhaffe visited China, Yang Ruo Russian translation.

From the overseas Chinese revolutionary, the grandfather Yang Yan told the granddaughter Yang Xiaodai as the truth of people ‘s life. Yang Xiaodi often turned out the photo of the grandfather in the Soviet Union, read the letter to the forebore and the older leader.

Qingtian people generally unwilling to be subject to the disadvantage of the unfavorable farming of the local \”Half-section half-profile\”, 23-year-old Yang Xiaofei resolutely chose to go overseas overseas in Germany.

She came to the foreign public place to go abroad visa, in this time, foreign public delivery gave her a \”German speed\”\”\” She told himself that when the motherland summons, hometown needs, they must be righteous, and go forward.

When you see Yang Xiaoyai, most of you see Yang Xiao, combing gentle hair, even if you can imagine She does not let the mall don’t let the eyebrows, but you may not think of this \”Ecuador\” in front of the \”Ecuador\” can be translated to the 7.8 earthquake-stricken area, and learn to do nurse.

\”China is now growing, the international status is increasing, but many foreigners don’t understand China, the impression of China is still in the past. Let more foreigners understand China and the overseas Chinese. \”In Yang Xiaodai, every overseas businessman is a good communication platform, and they can play a special role in private diplomacy.

In April 2016, a magnitude 7.8 strong earthquake occurred in the Northwest of Ecuador, and there was a wave of shocks to arrive at any time … she is a vacation of her hometown, she does not care for her family, and rescue the Chinese Ranzi Request, in front of the earthquake in front of the earthquake disaster area, to the rescue team as a guide, in the disaster area, the victims are busy, the sweat under the heat is not taking a bath for five days … At that time, President Coreya held her hand tightly: \”Thank you You, Chinese! \”

In addition, she also gives slippers for the villagers of Ecuador, the villagers of the remote island, rice , Edible oil, salt and other items; use a variety of platforms, mobilize, organize relevant overseas Chinese to return to the country to return to hometown; for more than 10 years, I have insisted that I will give money to the old people in the countryside, the old people in the countryside. This example, countless.

Yang Xiaodai said: \”I like a daughter who married, in Ecuador, fight for so many years, there is like my husband, but China is always my mother. Drinking water thinking, get rich We enjoyed the bonus of the reform and opening up of the motherland, but also to contribute to the development of the motherland.

For the local system, it should return to the country to start a business

In recent years, the majority of overseas Chinese The company actively responded to the call of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government, returned to return, entrepreneurial innovation, with the full enthusiasm of hometown construction. Yang Xiaodai is also the forerunner.

Yang Xiaodai did not forget the foreign concern of his own \”to serve the motherland\” And the new pulse of Zhejiang and China’s economic innovation and development will choose to return to the country again. 杨小爱 秉承家庭“红色侨史”精神 回馈家乡 奋进的力量 70年70侨

From Yang Xiaodai’s entrepreneurial experience, her success is not accidental, for merchantsShe is very good at local conditions. Yang Xiaodai’s hometown Lishui Qingtian Shuishan Township has a gold medal film \”Global Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage\” – Rice Fish Symbiosis System. Yang Xiaodai believes that this traditional farming culture is still very energetic, and immediately starts to build rice fish, the world’s agricultural cultural heritage. Student traffic reached 200,000.

What is the advantage of returning to the hometown of EMS? In Yang Xiaodai, there is a cultural background of the overseas Chinese, which can better help hometown to introduce foreign advanced technology, and help overseas better understand China and understand the development of agriculture.

For the revitalization of talents in the revitalization of the country, Yang Xiaodai is quite in touch. When I went home, she only saw the university. The young people who had a doorway came out of the country, but they rarely went back to the hometown. \”If you don’t come back to build your hometown, I can also expect others to help build. ? \”

Yang Xiai loved to predict the development speed of China’s rural areas in the development speed of China, and now she believes in the future.\” I believe in the future, China will be the most Strong, this is a big land, the hope of the field. \”

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