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Text / Yu Ping

It is 20 years for me to make a frozen food agent. In these more than 20 years, I have joined hands with frozen enterprises. A total of a shared world in Heilongjiang is jointly in Heilongjiang, and in this world, there is no such thing in this world, and has made our common cause.

Harbin Ice Trading Food Co., Ltd. main agent Sanquan, thoughts, thousand flavors, Cotti, small northeast, Huo Jia, food all ten beautiful, Hongyuan, Shanghai diners, etc. Tangyuan, Dump dumplings, faces, fried products, scorpions and other fast freezing foods, the company adopts foreign distributors and small and medium-sized chain supermarket direct sales, catering market direct sales. There are nearly 100 distributors and this distribution model of nearly a thousand retail terminals to ensure the company’s direct control channels, ensuring the stability of the company’s products in the regional market.

Summary these two decades of dealers work, the actual experience of operations, but have a few practices, they feel very harvest, and they share them with you.

于萍:成功不是因为快,而是因为有步骤/20年冻品经销商经验分享 Harbin Ice Trading Co., Ltd. General Manager Yu Ping


As the characteristics of people’s livelihood, the freezing food industry has the characteristics of great potential, rapid development, but the industry has been high-speed growth, and now there have been several issues:

First, competition is increasing Combined, product war, channel battle, promotion war is increasingly fierce and white; second, the investment is getting bigger and larger, the output is increasing, because the competition is fierce, the cost investment has a straight line rise, but the profit is more and more Low, the dealer falls to the situation of moving the mutant.

I used the dealer that touched the resellers in the frozen food industry, the feelings of these two points can be described as unforgettable, but the reality is cruel, the future competition will be more fierce, and the competition is increasingly fierce. Under the increasingly thin industry environment, how do dealers operate? How to develop yourself in a limited space, achieve sales growth? It is an important issue in the face of our dealers.

What should I do? Our response is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, comprehensive combining and use various strategies, optimizing product portfolio, ensuring maximizing market results under the premise of less resources; second, fully consider the company itself After the strength and sales effect, choose the terminal type suitable for you, and have a targeted marketing strategy.



Optimize the product portfolio, the effect is maximized

1. Optimize the product combination, under the premise of less resources To maximize the market effect.

1. Strip and define the market mission and market positioning of the agent products:

(1) From the past, consider whether the product can help the existing business;

(2) From the distance, consider whether its own positioning and development direction matches new product matching

(3) From the perspective of competition, consider whether it can strengthen and expand your competitive advantage, or make up and fill your shortcomings and blank;

(4) from the product season Sex (light season) price range, channel type, customer type, sales rotation, funds and inventory proportional to accounts.

2. Put the profitable products and whatever products, as the company’s strategic product, priority and attention in product promotion strategies, promotion support, terminal display, performance appraisal.

3. According to the market situation of Heilongjiang, urban consumption levels and level definitions, main products and specialty subsidiaries, forming \”suitable products in suitable markets\” Optimize the pattern. Such as the three full, missions, etc.

According to the above ideas, we take the composite product portfolios, which will be generally divided into four categories:

Class A is a fist product of a proxy image. High-visiting, popularization, company focusing on service, expanding the premise of expanding the list of manufacturers, and expanding our company’s visibility, with this promotion of channel loyalty and attracting consumers to bring indirect benefits to the use of brand-name products. The company’s image, channel customer, risk small and belt effect, etc.

于萍:成功不是因为快,而是因为有步骤/20年冻品经销商经验分享 For example, three full, missing products are their image products, both, and strong product concepts and high-end images.

Class B is a running product. Such products do not require a visibility, it is close to image products in concept and feature, or it is the low-end product of the image product, or its affiliate product, it only needs to follow the image product, show together with the image product, together Sales, driven by image products. The profit is not high, paying attention to the volume.

Class C is a profit-oriented developmental product. Good quality, in line with market consumption trends, have large development potential and sufficient profit space. It is often a mid-end product, depending on the quality of corporate products, and higher profits.

The D class is a channel-oriented supplementary product. In order to match the extension of the company’s distribution network, the short-term products selected by the market, keep up with the market hotspots and consumption trends, using the \”short\” promotion method, with active terminal and expansion network as the main purpose, seasonal make money. For example, some time-oriented products and holiday gift products, etc.

Take the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake product as an example, becauseBoth brand moon cakes: Rice flag, old Dingfeng, Hong Kong Emperor, etc.) Every year only two months of sales reached nearly 10 million yuan, the Dragon Boat Festival products We have added ecological eggs under the premise of existing scorpion products , Duck eggs and organic foods. These products are very good, essentially our company’s economic growth point.

In summary, we choose the product in these four aspects to achieve \”subdivision coverage\”, from high-grade to medium to low-end, continuously enter the new segment, create new profit, to cooperate with the company’s comprehensive occupation of the market Foundation.

Method 2:

Comprehensive comparison, choose the terminal type 于萍:成功不是因为快,而是因为有步骤/20年冻品经销商经验分享

, in selecting terminal type, we fully consider The company’s own strength and sales effect.

The big store has a large sales, good image, full passenger flow, but at the same time, the conditions of cooperation are harsh, high cost, and more compression. In choosing a large store, we analyze the loss of profit and cons., Abandon the international store and domestic supermarkets, and choose a small-sized supermarket company with a relatively low competition, and increase the layout of terminal display and variety specifications, on-site promotion activities appropriate . In addition, we focus on the key expansion outlets.

1. Do a big sales store, realize local service brands, bright sales windows.

In order to go to the supporting service industry, meet the needs of different customer bases, we provide more convenience to our customers, we have established the largest wholesale market in Harbin South Pole in Harbin Wholesale Market. Two major operations centers. Relying on these two operations centers, not only has improved sales, but also achieved market advantages on the company’s layout in the way \”serving customers, achievements in customers\”, achieving local service brand strategic advantages.

2. Creating a convenient channel.

Sedimentation to the B / C shop, community convenience store, small supermarket, etc., circulation channels are fine. Breaking the \”Submarine\” of the \”Summer Nasters, Winter Seasons\”.

Summer people are not willing to buy, more reasons lies in road bumps, weather hot, fear of fast freezing food to buy home. \”Quickly Freezing Food\” into the community, just shorten the distance from the cold chain, and go to the building to buy the quick-frozen dumplings, faces, dumplings, meatballs and other products, which are both convenient for consumers and increase sales. To this end, we also broke through the bottleneck of fast-frozen food development.

3. Refine the terminal and broaden the channels.

In addition to the store supermarket, farmer wholesale channels, we have opened up other channels, such as hotels, catering, cafeteria, hot pot restaurants.


Quick frozen dumplings, dumplings, scorpions, fritters, nesh, buns, 馄饨, spring rolls, pumpkins, sesame balls, seafood pills, etc. Essential food, our specialPeople have developed catering channels to improve catering channels in the development philosophy of professional channels, and achieve effective docking of two channel resources.

Because these semi-finished products are all-class enterprises, the quality is too hard, consumers are willing to eat, so the dining enterprises are willing to accept. Such as the special hotel’s thousand flavor food, special to KFC’s fritters, egg tarts; special fast food restaurants, fur dumplings, small northeast dumplings, faces, Xingke Square cartoon bag, etc., are all food The first choice for the company.

On this basis, we also pay attention to the development of \”business markets\”, such as enterprise canteen, school gap, business dining, and so on.

4. Sinking in the sales market.

The improvement in rural living standards, the implementation of national home appliances, home appliances, etc., flying into ordinary people’s home) and changes in consumption concepts, providing a basic basis for extended frozen cold chains to rural areas. To this end, we will focus on the second, third-tier cities and even the rural market, home delivery, which greatly pulled consumption demand, effectively stimulating farmers’ consumption.

Harbin Ice Trading Food Co., Ltd. In more than ten years of operation, carry forward the spirit of ant 啃 bones, one, one, one step, one step, one footprint Develop end users. There is a strong support for the high quality boutique of frozen food enterprises. A long-term stable supply and demand cooperation is jointly established.

At the same time, the company’s economic efficiency has also been significantly improved, and the leap-forward development is achieved like the frozen industries. It has laid a solid foundation for the future.



In summary, success is not because it is fast, but because of the steps. The quick-frozen dealers must clarify their own characteristics and positioning in the development of change, and make strategic planning and market layouts that adapt to their own development steps. They don’t have a brilliant surface, so as not to show the \”short-term mad\” phenomenon of flowers.

于萍:成功不是因为快,而是因为有步骤/20年冻品经销商经验分享 We should join the quick-frozen enterprises, increase the brand’s personalized shape, market-oriented, accurately capture consumer demand, provide customers with the best service, motivate customers to fight spirits, improve market Marketing capabilities, reduce risks, and achieve the ultimate goal of sharing a win-win situation.

In short, the quick-freeze industry is a competitive industry full of Chaoyang. The speed of competition and the speed of elimination are accelerated every year. Our dealers are either rushed to have lunch, or they have been eaten as the meal. Where is it? ? your fate is in your own hands. Target decision, the idea decides to go out, and the action determines the wealth!

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