Zhang Ting Company suspected of mistributive pyramid scheme: \”Route\” agent is in charge of goods, deep in quality

Recently, the Shanghai Darwei Trading Co., Ltd., which was established by Zhang Ting and his husband Lin Ruiyang, was suspected of being investigated in the case, and continued to attract attention.

Nandu, N video reporter combed Zhang Ting couple business version found that the two have founded Shanghai Darwei Company Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Darwei Company\”), it also involved e-commerce, biotechnology , Wine, real estate, trade and other industries, a total of more than 100 companies, the most well-known brands are secret (hereinafter referred to as \”TST\”). While crazy recruiting agents, TST also invited many entertainment circles to spread the vast propaganda.

After the end of the suspected pyramid scheme, there have been aimer who has made four years in TST, revealed the southern reporter that the company’s internal propaganda \”zero investment, zero goods, zero risk\” said that it is not real Instead, it is necessary to pull the head, \”open card\”, a large number of goods, the agent \”also did not earn money\” when leaving. In addition to the exposure of the suspected pyramid scheme, the Nandu reporters noted that in many years, the secrets of TST classes are poor, \”rotten face\” has a negative wind wave and other negative wind waves, and the company Darwei has also been due to arrears, commercial. Compensation.

Commercial Version: Associated company reached more than 100 households, once is Shanghai Qingpu Tax champion

On December 29, 2021, a market supervision and administration bureau of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province The reply of the verification letter \”is triggering. \”Reply\” shows that according to many people report verification, June 5, 2021, the bureau’s suspicion of Shanghai Darwei Trading Co., Ltd. is suspected of investigating the case, and is gradually reported to the upper level. The bureau said in the letter that the company has applied for the People’s Court to adopt preservation measures by using financial institutions to transfer or hide the funds. The current case is in further investigation.

On the same day, the Market Supervision Administration of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City confirmed to Nandu, and the situation was true. 起底涉嫌传销的张庭公司:“套路”代理商囤货,深陷质量风波 Public information shows that the legal representative of Shanghai Darwei Company Trading Co., Ltd. is Lin Jialong (ie Lin Ruiyang), from Lin Ruiyang, Zhang Ting couple founded in 2013, with a registered capital of up to 231.8 million yuan. The company has the main cosmetics, the TST secret brand of the skin care products, and the TMM brand of the consumer goods of the main family life, mainly through the O2O method of the online store secret app and the offline stores.

Nandu reporters noted that according to the official micro-signal \”Green Qingpu\” news office, the official micro-signal \”Green Pu\”, the Shanghai Qingpu District People’s Government Information Office, Darwei has repeatedly listed its company to register in Qingpu District, Shanghai, China Strong Excellent Enterprise and \”Tax Hundred Enterprises\”. In 2018, Darwei became the tax champion in Qingpu District. In 2021, Darwei’s wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Yuejiao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. also won the tenth of the top 100 excellent enterprises in Qingpu District.

Nandu reporters noted that in addition to Darwei, Zhang Ting coupleThe commercial layout is quite huge.

The sky-eyed data shows that from the perspective of the equity structure, Darwei has 9 major shareholders, based on the sort of the payment of capital, the current three major shareholders of the company are Shanghai Guangpeng Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter \”Shanghai Guangpeng\”), Shanghai Shengji Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Shanghai Shengji\”) and Shanghai Shangyang Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Shanghai Shangyang\”), share 36.17%, 31.85%, respectively 12.61%.

Nandu reporter combed found that Shanghai Guangpeng and Shanghai Shengtu’s legal representative of Zhang Shuqin (ie Zhang Ting), Lin Ruiyang served as director of Shanghai Shangyang, Zhang Ting couple’s affiliated company basically followed three companies Direct or indirectly hold.

In addition to firmly control Darwei company, as of now, Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang’s associated companies have 90 and 69, and 77 are of the companies that are legal representatives. Couples jointly affiliated with the company as 11. The company’s business is involved in e-commerce, biotechnology, wine, real estate, trade and other industries.

It is worth noting that the Market Supervision Administration of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, said to Nandu reporter, \”We have been suspected of ongoing the company in June this year (2021).\” September, ZHANG TAO as a legal representative, the 9 enterprises in the Executive Director and the General Manager were concentrated, and the reasons for the resolution were dissolved. All the 9 companies were established in 2021, and the registered capital is 45 million yuan. Here, most of the company has been related to Zhang Ting and its 2021 companies have been logged out. In the same month, Ji Tao Hong, one of the shareholders of Darwei, also quitted the Toyan Cultural Media Company, jointly founded with Zhang Ting, and turned into indirect cooperation through its company.

Agent: Declaring 100 people to open cards, do 300,000 yuan performance can become \”chairman\”

\”Let you play people, fight for life.\” December 30, 2021 He has been engaged in a proxy for 4 years in TST, and the \”Chairman\” Level (pseudonym) introduced the development model of TST reporters to the south of the reporter: continuously pull the head, pay the goods, earn \”Made Sun Sun\” Money. Li Yue said that the TST secrets claimed that \”zero investment, zero goods, zero risk\” is recruited, but the above statement is not real, and she \”did not earn money\” when she left. \”

Li Yue recalls that when he just joined in 2016, her superior told her that light did not earn money, to \”open card\”, that is, let others become a TST secret app registered member . And only the products of the purchase of 2500 yuan have the permissions to others \”card\”. A few months later, Li Yu opened four or fifty cards, but still did not earn money. At this time, the last family tells her that only when \”founder\”, \”chairman\” can buy a house.

The family tells her that when the \”chairman\” is to give 100 people \”card\”. The two months, Li Yue \”play\”Life\” to others \”open card\”, \”Who said to say, with the magic. No matter what I have, I also quarreled with my husband. \”The husband said that she was in pyramid scheme, Li Yue resolutely refuted, and said that the boss is a star,\” How can people do MLM? \” \”

起底涉嫌传销的张庭公司:“套路”代理商囤货,深陷质量风波 After 100 people\” open card \”, she also told her that she still needed for three consecutive months, with her\” son \”, with a minimum of 100,000 months. Yuan performance, and passed the company’s assessment. Li Yuezhen opened a credit card, spent a lot of goods. After four months, she was \”chairman\”.

When \”Chairman\”, Li Yue It’s not easy, because \”I can’t make a performance, I don’t want to make money.\” Li Yue later learned that the so-called \”high-wage\” of \”chairman\” is deliberately compiled, some people will add it after the real salary A \”0\” and the screenshot forward. \”That is fake. Anyway, I didn’t see the buying house to buy a car. \”Li Yue said.

Li Yue said that each month has to complete 400,000 performances to take 4.0 or 4.5 rebate, the higher the performance, the higher the rebate, the performance of each month cannot be less than 200,000. In order to Completed performance, Li Yue’s large number of goods will be sold at low prices, \”I didn’t earn money until I didn’t make money.\”

TST also often do activities, with \”the lowest price\” \”for only a few hours\” Make a large number of goods in a large number of goods. \”They are all kinds of routines, let you take the goods, say what ‘zero risk’ ‘zero goods’, actually fake. \”Li Yue is the first to get a lot of goods, and then only tens of thousands of dollars every month.\” For the performance of the performance. \”After a lot of goods, she can only sell at a low price.

2021 On December 29th, Li Xu, the letter of the aforementioned verification letter, said Li Xu, the head of the anti-fraud team, said that he received a lot of consultation on the \”TST Secret\”. The team learned from the supervision department. The funds involved in the company were as high as 6 billion yuan, separated twice, 300 million yuan in the main company, and the team leader frozen 300 million yuan.

endorsement: Multi-star once for its platform, expert It is advisable to assume legal responsibility to the situation

Southern reporter combed discovery, while crazy recruitment agent, TST secret also invited many entertainment circles to spread the vast propaganda.

At the 7th Dealer Conference and Star Concert held in October 2021, Wang Dongcheng, Xin and Chen also appeared for the invited star. At 2020 distribution conference, Wang Dongcheng, Tao Hong and other stars The same also occurred.

The relationship between the Mei Dao and Zhang Ting is quite close. Southern Reporter Search Ming Dao Dynasty Lin ChapterIn discovery The relevant WeChat public account has shown that the Ming Dao has also appeared in the live broadcast of Zhang Ting, with brand live band.

In addition, Lin Zhiling and others have also endorsement of TST secrets, Fan Bingbing, Liu Tao, Zhang Xinyu, He Jie and other stars have also taken pictures of their secret products in the social platform, and Xu Wei also publicly uses the brand mask when participating in variety programs.

The relationship between actor Tao Hong and Zhang Ting is also close. In 2014, when I was forwarded the TST secret brand, Zhang Ting expressed their gratitude to Tao Hong; 2016, TST secrets held the elite peak forum, Tao Hong also attended. In the secret mall of the TST Trision, Tao Hong was called \”Founder of Actress\” and the other \”actress founder\” is Zhang Ting. 起底涉嫌传销的张庭公司:“套路”代理商囤货,深陷质量风波

The national corporate credit information publicity system shows that Tao Hong has served as investors in Shanghai Amoy Culture Media Co., Ltd., and attempted on November 15, 2021, but its name is still holding a Tao. The company’s shares. Zhang Ting’s husband Lin Ruiyang has served as director and legal representative of the company, and withdraws from Directors and representatives on September 18, 2020. At present, Lin Ruiyang is still the general manager of the company.

On December 30, 2021, Zhao, deputy director of the Beijing Yunjia Law Firm, and the Chinese University of Political Science and Law, Zhao Yao, told Nanyu reporters, in the case of Zhang Ting’s suspicion, in the same company Tao Hong, who is shareholder, is needed to take legal responsibility to depend on the situation.

Zhao occupation said that shareholders and companies are independent legal entities, and shareholders are generally not responsible for the company’s suslication, unless shareholders are also involved in the company’s operation, and is the direct person in charge of MLM activities. If shareholders, especially the star shareholders, participate in publicity activities as an advertising spokesperson, and should comply with the regulations on advertising spokespersons. 起底涉嫌传销的张庭公司:“套路”代理商囤货,深陷质量风波

Zhao’s occupation reminded that according to advertising, the advertisement spokesperson recommended, demonstrates, according to the facts, according to the facts, in accordance with the facts, and must not accept the goods that have not been used or unacceptable Service is recommended, prove. If the ad spokesperson did not actually use the product’s product, or for false advertisements did not have a review obligation, you need to assume legal responsibility.

Dispute: There is an agent publicly called the product \”rotten face\”. The company has been arrears, maliciously destroyed is awarded

With the help of developing micro-business agents and star platform effects, TST secret one It is a large heat brand in the micro business circle. However, Nandu reporters noted that in many years, the secrets of TST classes are poor in product quality, \”rotten face\” and other negative wind waves. Many consumers reflected in the social platform, and their skin problems after using TST related products, including the secret agent of TST.

As early as in February 2016, netizens who claimed to be TST secret \”Golden Card Agent\” said that after the TST secret product continuously, the skin is rough, and the skin, Blush, flowing yellow eyes can’t open problems. However, the TST secret staff replied that this is the skin in \”detoxification\”.

TST secret product \”rotten face\” rumors gradually fermented, causing hot discussion. In September 2016, Zhang Ting also responded to this matter, he did the TST mask was not a bloody, \”the old man doing things, and the business is doing business.\” For consumers’ questioning, Zhang Ting said that because of the different user skin, it will have different reactions to cosmetics. Her products are \”compliant according to law\”, \”and have professional third-party inspection and quarantine institutions to do hygiene safety tests.

In addition to the quality problems of the product, the company Darwei has also been sentenced to compensation due to arrears of money.

Nandu reporter combed to discover that Darwei has repeatedly defeated by arrears. Referee, book network shows that in November 2019, Darwei commissioned Shanghai Hesson Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Hesson Company\”) Designed Dalwei Qingpu Museum, the project total design consultant fee is 530,000 yuan, and pays four times . After paying 444,000 yuan in the top three funds, Darwei has arrears the remaining amount of 106,000 yuan and is prosecuted by He Song. In August 2021, Shanghai Qingpu District People’s Court ruled that Darwei’s payment of Hesson Company was 80,000 yuan.

In November 2018, Darwei company purchased electric mask roll box for Shanghai Qiwei Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Qiwei Company\”), a total of 370,000 yuan. In June 2019, Darwei purchased cleansing instrument data cable to Qiwei Company, with a total amount of 783.3 yuan. Subsequently, Darwei has been proseciled by Qiwei Company for a total of 365,000 yuan due to the arrears of goods. The court finally decided that Darwei pays the above-mentioned arrears payment to Qiwei Company and pays a liquidated damage.

Darwei has also been awarded by the commercial destruction competitors. Referee, book network shows that in 2015, Darwei Company and Lin Ruiyang scattered in Weibo, WeChat platform (hereinafter referred to as \”confidant company\”) due to suppressing competitors. The untrue information of the goods constitutes a business destruction. In 2020, the second instance court sentenced that its compensation was 150,000 yuan for the company’s economic loss.

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Written: Southern Reporter Wu Jialing Yang Tian Zhi Fang Shiqi Intern Zeng Han Anzi

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