Zijin E Commentary: Concentrate Gathering Treatment of \”Great Propaganda\” article in the new era

On August 19, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech at the national propaganda ideology. \”Do a good job in propaganda ideology,\” , Form a strong synergy that promotes the work of propaganda, strong power. This is a major strategic idea to do a good job in promoting ideological work in the new situation, providing basic follows for co-ordination and ideological and other work.

Propaganda ideological work is a systematic project with strong politicalness, involving high influence, requires coordination, strengthening collaboration, and needs multiple linkages, and all members participate. In the past eight years, the publicity of the ideological department took the initiative to take the bridge, innovative work, leading in the multi-sectoral consensus, in the variation in the direction, and has grown the direction of active and healthy mainstream ideology, and created the ideological public opinion atmosphere of unity and unity. The party’s claims have become the strongest sound of the times, and the common will of hundreds of millions of people.

With the network as a good positive energy story. Do a good job of \”invisible propaganda\” is the truct to promote the work. On the Internet, \”Striving to China Good Net Girl\” project set off a boom in all over the country, giving full play to the unique role of network positive energy nourishing people; \”five one hundred\” network positive energy boutique selection activities have been brushing screens by netizens, ideas, There is temperature, quality positive energy boutique force is encouraged to sing the main melody to make the main melody … with the story of the story, promote the advanced deeds of \”positive energy\” characters and noble spirit, through netizens to promote publicity, this is It is another exploration of \”big propaganda\”.

Taking innovative means of cultural stories. Foreign dissemination of Chinese culture needs to introduce world popular languages \u200b\u200bin China, world-element, and fashion elements to interpret world themes, using overseas audiences, vectors, etc., carriers, topics, etc. to spread Chinese culture. This year’s Spring Festival, a dance program \”Tang Yan Night Banquet\” successfully \”outline\”, harvesting fans countless. The millennium Dunhuang murals are the foot-tip ballet, the giant puppered war icon tells the anti-Japanese legend, Guangdong non-legacy \”lion\” to create a popular anime ip … These \”broken\” operations are the vivid practice of cultural stories, and more firm Our culture is confident.

Telling a Chinese story with a real camera. News propaganda work should use good publicity platforms. Not long ago, the Central Organization Department will conduct an interview with the \”New Red Beautiful Village\” network theme to jointly organize jointly with the Central Net Trunking Office, and interviewed more than 50 red villages such as Jiangxi and Hunan. , VLOG, live broadcast and other forms, show the effectiveness of the poverty attack. \”Hello, New Era\”, \”Hello, New Era\”, the \”Hello, the Banner\” of the Central Propaganda Department, launched, by the Central News Network Communications Bureau, \”I am more than any\” Jiangsu Provincial Committee \” When you know you, \”Series short video burning is on the line … department and department, the department and the place, interaction, one eventExhibition, it is to play the advantages of all parties and form an effective practice of promoting strong cooperation in promoting the work of propaganda.

The propaganda ideological work leads the new wind of the society, and the ancestors of the times, constantly creates new situation, achieve new results, is to further consolidate the guidance of Marxism in the ideological field, and also consolidate the unity of the whole partyThe common ideological foundation of struggle.In the moment, we are moving forward toward the second hundred years.The long journey, more requires us to consciously assume the mission mission of the new era, let all the people are tightly united in the ideal belief, the value concept, and moral concept, concentric, and work together.(Chen language bamboo)

Source: Xinjiang, China Jiangsu Net

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